The art of negotiation in cracking a deal: And how AI based email search platform helps

Negotiation! It is an aspect that we get to see in our daily lives. It is an art that is not just limited to business and its rules, but is followed by each individual day in – day out. And mastering this not just anyone’s cup of tea. It requires strategy and strong commitment to get the deal cracked.

It is a fundamental part of any industry to get the business running and depends on this step as much as it does on any other. Having this soft skill adds another feather to a white-collar in achieving their targets.

So what are the steps to be considered to have a perfect plan to crack the deal, you ask?

Well, there is no fool-proof plan to get all the advantages at the sellers end as both the seller and the buyer would compromise to a certain extent. However, the art of negotiation leaves more room for opportunity for both the parties.

Research before you search:

Going to a client’s meeting without proper research about them is just like going to a war without any weapons. Having a detailed investigation about how or who your client is helps you to understand your potential client and confer the contract smoothly. As you get to know the visions and missions of the parties, it gets clearer as to how to draft a sale which intrigues them to get further.

A plan for any business negotiation is to have a list of all the reasons to say yes to you definitely comes in handy. The rationality is to have the buyer figure that he is getting more than money’s worth and we have more to offer.

Getting to know the party’s strength and weakness beforehand is crucial. As it prepares you to handle the unforeseeable consequences and turn any hard corners in to your favor. If not, there can always be a common point to head with.

The great play, Negotiation:

It is not just about how you are negotiating but also the platform from which it happens.

The initial stage of leading a prospect is to either send an email or have a telephonic conversation. And then you get to schedule a meeting with the potential party.

In the times that we are in, where everyone prefers to communicate electronically, it is rational to find email addresses of the clients and then send out the prospects for furthering a proposal.

One such website that helps in getting the entire email data base is With its advanced AI algorithms and data analysis, it provides you with huge arena of contacts to reach out to. Once they get the latent person’s contact, an email with detailed information can be sent. Well, it is equally vital to have an idea about objectives of both the parties as it creates a commonality. It generates a room for conversation that advantages to draft an agreement that is beneficial to both ends.

An email or a phone call:

If a negotiation is done over a call, it’s easy to understand where the play heads depending upon the tone of the speaker and can immediately change the directions as per buyers and sellers interest.

When a negotiation is done over an email, it’s definitely hard to understand what the other person is thinking. However, the carefully crafted wordplay helps to decode the intention.

Sentences such as, ‘’ looking forward to’’ or ‘’hope to hear from you soon’’ shows that buyer is interested. From sellers end, words like ‘‘Urgent’’ or ‘’Please Read’’ sends incorrect impression. However when affirmative sentences are used, it intrigues the interests of personnel.

The Finale:

Once the email conversation turn to a phone calls and then to a scheduled meet, you accomplish the learning of this negotiation art!

Regardless if the deal is closed or not, which might differ due to various reasons. The art of persuading the client till the agreement in itself is an achievement. Having a good communication with the prospect will leave a lasting impression that helps in other deals if not the current one.

As the famous saying by Victor Kiam goes, “A negotiator should observe everything. You must be part Sherlock Holmes, part Sigmund Freud.” This quote sums up the key lesson to learn for any personal in negotiation. And all it takes to start this is just an email from the right platform to the right person!