The Benefits Of Roof Shingles

A&E Connecticut Roofing contractors recommend roof shingles as your go-to roofing material. Roof shingles are extremely popular in America and Canada. Even in areas known for traditional roofing materials such as slate and shake roofing, you can still find more shingle roofs than the old colonial roofing materials.

North America is chiefly known as the hub of shingle roofing. Maybe because the benefits this roofing material offers are very many as compared to its competitors. However, being that it is so popular makes it even more recommendable for property managers and homeowners. People like to use what they see and are known to them other than what is new. So if you are considering replacing your roof, get to know the advantages of shingles to help you choose wisely.

Why Choose Shingles for your roofing?

#1. They Are Cost-Effective

Asphalt shingles provide the most value over a long period. Their performance in resisting all conditions such as fire, weather, and wind gives them more advantages over other roofing materials. You would think that the cost of asphalt shingles will go up because of the many benefits it has. However, the price is relatively low. In comparison to other roofing materials like slate and metal, asphalt roofing is way less costly. The low cost for other high performance makes them the best roofing material for homes and properties in America.

#2. They Are High In Energy Efficiency

Your asphalt shingle roofing installation consists of a roof lining that contributes to your home’s energy conservation. Roofing underlayment is a term new to non-roofers. Undelaying your roof means the roofer is putting a coating on your roof deck. This lining is additional protection against the elements that can damage your roof. After this layer, the roofer then installs the roofing. With shingle roofing materials, this layer adds to the energy efficiency of the content.

Shingle roofing is produced in a variety of shades and weights. There are light, medium, and heavy shingles. So you can choose the pressure that can be supported well by the structure of your roof.

#3. You Have The Choice Of Using Impact-Rated Shingles

You can opt for shingles that can resist substantial impacts if you live in an area prone to hail storms or heavy wind. There are roofing companies that offer asphalt shingles that are specially modified to resist massive impacts. While they don’t give a 100% guarantee of impact resistance, your insurance premium will be significantly reduced if you use them.

#4. They Are Easy To Install

Shingles are the easiest to install among all roofing products. The cost of installation is, therefore, lowered and passed on to you. The asphalt shingles also come in sizes that are favorable to the roofers. The roofer can, therefore, install it quickly and effortlessly.

And you don’t have to worry about installation because any roofer can install shingle roofing. Roofers are specialized in the types of roof they install. For example, a roofer who is good with tile roofing may not be that good at slate roofing. And in most cases, finding roofers specializing in tile roofing or slate roofing is quite challenging. But shingle roofing doesn’t require specialization. You only need to be a roofer.

#5. They Are Easy To Repair

The goodness with shingle roofing is that you can fix it yourself if you are not afraid of heights or having to stand on the rooftop. However, it is advisable to leave roofing issues to the experts as a safety precaution. Roofers are trained and have experience working on all types of roofs. To top it all, they are insured. So in case of an accident, they have a better chance of obtaining the best medical care and compensation. That said, any qualified roofer can effortlessly repair shingle roofing. You don’t have to search long or far for someone who can repair your roof.

#6. Shingles Are Eco-Friendly

A while back, roofing shingles went to landfills after they had served their life terms. Nowadays, however, asphalt shingles can be recycled. After removing your worn out roofing shingle, you can send the debris to a recycling firm dealing with such. The firm will then re-purpose the shingles into other usable products. Asphalt shingles, for example, can be recycled and used on road repair. Thus shingles assist in environment conservation though in a very minimal way.

#7. They Can Be Soundproof

Asphalt shingles can keep out sound. Any outside noise is kept out so you can enjoy your conversations or TV programs in peace. Unlike metal roofing that will have you increasing your volume in case of a torrential downpour or hailstorm, shingles are quieter. The design of the asphalt shingles contributes further to its quietness.


Many property owners prefer the use of shingles for their roofing because of the many benefits it offers. The fact that it is cost-effective and long-lasting encourages homeowners to use it more than other roofing materials. After all, what homeowner wouldn’t consider costing as a prerequisite for owning a home? The fact that this roofing material is environment friendly encourages property and homeowners to use it because they will comply with building regulation.