The Benefits of Using Group Text Messaging Solutions

If you’re like over 80% of the American public, then you use text messaging every day. You message your friends and family to keep in touch and be social. For a tool that is so widely used, it’s amazing that every business in the country isn’t using text messaging in their marketing efforts.

Group text messaging is getting more popular all the time, and if your business isn’t using it, then it’s time to start. It can be used for any aspect of marketing, from lead cultivation to advertising, to closing deals.

It can also be used within your office to stay in touch and relay information quickly. Here are some of the top benefits of group text messaging of which more businesses and organizations are taking advantage every day.

Immediate Communication

The top benefit of mass text messaging is that you know that your audience will have your message in front of them within seconds. Most people read a text message in under a minute, and you can expect 98% of your audience to open them.

That is a much higher rate than emailing or telephone, and it has a higher response rate as well. A smartphone doesn’t have a filter for text messages, so you know that essentially every single person on your contact list will see the message you want them to see.

Employee Benefits

Mass texting can be very handy in the workplace. If you need to disseminate important information, you can put it in a text and know that everyone will see it, unlike wall posters and mass emails. You can send out shift information, pay stubs, and any number of important announcement types to your staff.

One of the greatest employee benefits is that text messaging can be an invaluable tool during emergencies. When disaster strikes, you need to get clear and accurate information to as many people as possible in as short a period of time as possible.

Emergency mass text messaging can ensure that everyone knows what the protocols are, and what they need to know as the incident unfolds. If you have prepared ahead of time, you can have different contact lists to send messages to certain departments or staff members who have different responsibilities.

Less Competition for Attention

Think of your email inbox. Many people get dozens of emails a day, with only some of them actually being useful or worth responding to. However, your text message inbox is much less cluttered.

Your mass messages will be able to stand out much better than emails can, and this doesn’t even take into consideration the filters most people have on their emails. On top of the competition from other texts and emails, there are fewer companies using text messaging.

That means that you can get in early and build your text messaging strategy while your competitors are missing the boat.

Response Rate

Not only will your audience open your text message, but they are more likely to respond to them when compared to emails. A customer that responds to your marketing materials is incredibly valuable.

They have demonstrated that they are motivated to connect with your brand, which makes them more likely to buy from you. This allows provides you with more opportunities to have meaningful conversations with your prospects and clients.

These conversations can build consumer trust, which will lead to more sales.

Have More Personality

Text messaging is a very personal act. It sends a notification to someone’s phone, which is always on their person. Most people use text messaging to contact friends and family. When you use group text messaging to connect with consumers, you can allow your voice to be more personal and friendly.

You use slang and jargon if you wish, along with emojis and alternate spellings or words. Just make sure that your messages are quick and to the point, much like personal text messages are.

Easy Typing and Scheduling

Group texting does not have to involve typing out a long list of numbers with your thumbs on a mobile phone. Now, you can use group texting solutions to create your contact lists and messages on your computer with a keyboard.

With your saved contact lists, sending out messages can be a snap. These software solutions also provide scheduling options, so you can plan out your marketing leading up to an event or a sale. If you type everything up in advance, you won’t have to lift a finger again.

Every business should be looking for ways to quickly and easily connect with customers and prospects. Group text messaging solutions provide this and more. If you implement a messaging plan now, you can quickly reap the rewards and find success.