The best and worst cities for driving across the globe and the UK cities ranked the lowest

The best and worst cities for driving across the globe have been revealed, with ten UK cities making it into the 100 strong global index. 

In the UK, drivers spend an average of two years of their lives in total behind the wheel, but where will they be safest when it comes to driver behaviour, costs and safety on the roads? 

The city with the lowest congestion is Glasgow, while London has the highest, this is while Birmingham ranks 27th worldwide for its driving quality.

On the global scale, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh and London all made it onto the index with many comparing poorly to their international counterparts. 

Drivers in UK cities are ranked above in comparison to their global counterparts – with London being one of the worst cities

Drivers in places such as Birmingham ranked 27th while drivers in Bristol were in 50th place

Drivers in places such as Birmingham ranked 27th while drivers in Bristol were in 50th place 

In order to determine the best cities to drive in a number of factors were examined, such as the number of cars per capita, traffic congestion, road and public transport quality.

This is while  air quality levels were also investigated in order to determine the city’s commitment to providing fresh air and good visibility for its drivers and pedestrians alike.

The research by Mister Auto found that the best city in the world for drivers was Calgary, Canada.

This was followed by Dubai, UAE, Ottawa, Canada, Bern, Switzerland, El Paso, USA, Vancouver, Canada, Gothenburg, Sweden, Dusseldorf, Germany, Basel, Switzerland and Dortmund, Germany.

The map above shows the worst ten cities outside of the UK for drivers. It includes Mumbai and Mexico City

The map above shows the worst ten cities outside of the UK for drivers. It includes Mumbai and Mexico City 

Mumbai in India (pictured above) was found to have the poorest conditions for drivers

Mumbai in India (pictured above) was found to have the poorest conditions for drivers

It also revealed the worst cities in the world and Mumbai in India was found to have the poorest conditions for drivers. 

This was followed by Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Kolkata, India, Lagos, Nigeria, Karachi, Pakistan, Bogota, Colombia, São Paulo, Brazil, Mexico City, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Moscow, Russia.

The cities with the best air quality

As well as factors such as infrastructure, the study also looked at the best cities for air quality


–  Salvador

–  Stockholm

Stockholm in Sweden (above) has some of the best air quality in the world

Stockholm in Sweden (above) has some of the best air quality in the world 

The worst cities were

– Lagos

– Karachi

– Beijing 

Beijing (above) has some of the work air quality in the world

Beijing (above) has some of the work air quality in the world 

Those complaining about the cost of running a car in the UK should take pity on their Australian counterparts, as the study found that Sydney was the most expensive city for parking in the world, with two hours setting you back over £32.00.

This is while the most affordable city was Singapore. 

The price of petrol was also a major focus for the researchers which found that cities Oslo was the most expensive followed by Utrecht and Rotterdam while the cities with the least expensive prices are Lagos followed by Dubai and San Antonio. 

Managing Director of Mister Auto Sébastien Rohart said that despite advances in the accessibility of transportation, cars remain the most commonly used mode of transport in the world.

He added: ‘Whether running on fuel or electric power, cities will continue to have to make adjustments so that they can accommodate the flow of vehicles.

‘While many cities already have the infrastructure and legislation in place, there’s still a lot of work to be done towards making driving safe and affordable across the board.’ 

Many people across the world would have experienced road rage in their lifetime, and the study also looked at how safe cities were when it came to angry road users taking out their anger on others.

The cities with the most incidents of road rage were Ulaanbaatar, Moscow and Karachi. This is while the cities with the least were Osaka, Tokyo and Singapore.

Fatalities were also examined in the safety category and it was found that Lagos Orlando and Mumbai had the highest rates, while Manchester and Oslo had the lowest.

Mr Rohart added: ‘Certain cities tend to be more prone to incidents of road rage than others. We knew we had to survey citizens about this aspect of driving in the study because the frequency of road rage is a very revealing indicator of a city’s overall driving culture.

“Firstly, it’s a measure of the aggressiveness of its drivers, and secondly, it exposes the level of frustration experienced due to stressful city driving conditions like traffic and congestion.’

How the different cities rank from 1-100 
Number  City   Country   Region   
1 Calgary  Canada  North America   
Dubai  UAE  Asia   
Ottawa  Canada  North America   
Bern  Switzerland  Western Europe   
El Paso  USA  North America   
Vancouver  Canada  North America   
Gothenburg  Sweden  Northern Europe   
Dusseldorf  Germany  Western Europe   
Basel  Switzerland   Western Europe   
10  Dortmund  Germany  Western Europe   
11  Zurich  Switzerland  Western Europe   
12  Essen  Germany   Western Europe   
13  Perth  Australia  Oceania   
14  Malmo  Sweden  Northern Europe   
15  Graz  Austria  Northern Europe   
16  Cologne  Germany  Western Europe   
17  Vienna  Austria  Western Europe   
18  Stockholm  Sweden  Northern Europe   
19  Bremen  Germany  Western Europe   
20  Detroit  USA  North America   
21  Oslo  Norway  Northern Europe   
22  Geneva  Switzerland  Western Europe   
23  Singapore  Singapore  Asia   
24  Stuttgart  Germany  Western Europe   
25  Munich  Germany  Western Europe   
26  Frankfurt  Germany  Western Europe   
27  Birmingham  UK  Northern Europe   
28  Montreal  Canada  North America   
29  Osaka  Japan  Asia   
30  Glasgow  UK  Northern Europe   
31  San Antonio  USA  North America   
32  Liverpool  UK  Northern Europe   
33  Toulouse  France  Western Europe   
34  Copenhagen  Denmark  Northern Europe   
35  Orlando  USA  North America   
36  Hamburg  Germany  Western Europe   
37  Leeds  UK  Northern Europe   
38  Philadelphia  USA  North America   
39  Austin  USA  North America   
40  Boston  USA  North America   
41  Belfast   UK  Northern Europe   
42  Nice  France  Western Europe   
43  Valencia  Spain  Southern Europe   
44  Manchester  UK  Northern Europe   
45  San Francisco  USA  North America   
46  Seattle  USA  North America   
47  Utrecht  Netherlands  Western Europe   
48  Bordeaux  France  Western Europe   
49  Auckland  New Zealand  Oceania   
50  Bristol  UK  Northern Europe   
51  Toronto  Canada  North America   
52  Berlin  Germany  Western Europe   
53  Seoul  South Korea  Asia   
54  Las Vegas  USA  North America   
55  Tokyo  Japan  Asia   
56  Antwerp  Belgium  Western Europe   
57  Lyon  France  Western Europe   
58  Madrid  Spain  Southern Europe   
59  Prague  Czechia  Eastern Europe   
60  San Diego  USA  North America   
61  Rotterdam  Netherlands  Western Europe   
62  Miami  USA  North America   
63  Buenos Aires  Argentina  Latin America   
64  Brighton  UK  Northern Europe   
65  Marseilles  France  Western Europe   
66  Barcelona  Spain  Southern Europe   
67  Brisbane  Australia  Oceania   
68  Edinburgh  UK  Northern Europe   
69  Brussels  Belgium  Western Europe   
70  Salvador  Brazil  Latin America   
71  Amsterdam  Netherlands  Western Europe   
72  Paris  France  Western Europe   
73  Chicago  USA  North America   
74  Lisbon  Portugal  Southern Europe   
75  Turin  Italy  Southern Europe   
76  Dublin  Ireland  Northern Europe   
77  London  UK  Northern Europe   
78  Los Angeles  USA  North America   
79  Rome  Italy  Southern Europe   
80  Warsaw  Poland  Eastern Europe   
81  Naples  Italy  Southern Europe   
82  Milan  Italy  Southern Europe   
83  Melbourne  Australia  Oceania   
84  Tel Aviv  Israel  Asia   
85  Beijing  China  Asia   
86  Sydney  Australia  Oceania   
87  New York  USA  North America   
88  Istanbul  Turkey  Asia   
89  St. Petersburg  Russia  Eastern Europe   
90  Athens  Greece  Southern Europe   
91  Moscow  Russia  Eastern Europe   
92  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil  Latin America   
93  Mexico City  Mexico  Latin America   
94  Sao Paulo  Brazil  Latin America   
95  Bogota  Columbia  Latin America   
96  Karachi  Pakistan  Asia   
97  Lagos  Nigeria  Africa   
98  Kolkata  India  Asia   
99  Ulaanbaatar  Mongolia  Asia   
100  Mumbai  India  Asia