The Best Android Games of October, 2019

There are so many fantastic games for Android mobiles in the Google Play Store that it can be quite tricky to decide what to perform with. That is why we’ve compiled a list of hints that includes our selections of the ideal Android games which are now available.

The majority of them are free, and some cost a few bucks, but most of these will give a fun experience on the move.

There’s an enormous assortment of different types of games at the Play Store. Therefore we’ve picked a fantastic mix of role-playing games, platformers, racing games, games, shooters, puzzlers, strategy games, and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Among the biggest FPS franchises around comes mobile using a game deliberately made for touchscreen firefights. If you love your shooter activity, then this is a must on your Android cellphone.

It is free, includes a whole lot of multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, and you’re going to find some recognizable classic characters and maps from several other Call of Duty games.

It’s possible to customize load-outs, get rated, win prizes, and much more. But more important than all of that is your fast, frantic, enjoyable gameplay and the excellent graphics which combine to make this the greatest mobile shooter around right now.


There aren’t enough comprehensive strategy games from the Play Store, so the arrival of a redesigned Tropico name is well worth celebrating. Cast in the role of El Presidente, you must modernize your Caribbean island and see if you’re able to line your pockets along the way.

You choose an approach, from judgment with an iron fist like a military dictator to creating a tourist harbor outside compared to leading your visitors via a glorious industrial revolution that increases living standards for everybody.

This unique mixture of building sim and political strategy is a good deal of fun and is tailored for mobile play. The $12 price of entrance gets you the full match, free of advertisements or in-app payments, and you can play it offline.

Boom Pirates Slot

One title you probably did not expect to find on this list is Boom Pirates Slot. More and more games are launched for Android devices and they are incredibly fun. This one was created by Foxium in collaboration with the famous and highly skilled Microgaming.

The game tells the awesome story of a group of pirates with a high-gloss presentation, great features, 3D characters, and entertaining gameplay. It even offers you additional reels, so it’s nothing like you’ve played before.

With an RTP of 96.19%, your chances of winning are really high. For the moment, the game is only available at certain online casinos, before it goes live. Grab a casino promotion to have more funds to play with, more chances, and more fun!

Shadowgun Legends

If you like some shot activity, but as a little dot of RPG in the marketplace, then it is time to suit up and get ready for a few alien battles. Even the neon-lit central hub is a hive of activity, using a bar, stores, a casino, and a lot of shady characters that may provide you with assignments.

It is possible to complete missions to loot gear, sell it to buy more gear and grow your abilities and reputation as a problematic space mercenary.

The combat is frantic, there’s an adequate amount of customization on offer, and you could also take on co-op missions with other gamers or try your mettle in real-time PvP arenas.

This is most likely the very best sci-fi shooter from the Play Store at this time.

Real Racing 3

If you would like to burn some rubber in a wide assortment of meticulously re-created automobiles on a remarkable lineup of actual tracks from around the world, then this is the game for you.

With countless events to input, cross-platform multiplayer, and plenty of customization options, this is one of the best racing games around.

Horizon Chase

Whether you recall classic racing games like OutRun or not this retro racer is loads of fun. The sport is a refreshing solution to photorealism, which ramps up the challenge as you progress through a collection of vibrant and colorful degrees throughout 40 cities.

It’s possible to upgrade your vehicle, unlock new automobiles, and also compete to acquire ten unique decorations.

PUBG Mobile

You will take on 99 other people with the same aim. However, there can be only one victor. Controls are necessarily a little awkward until you become used to them and there is just one map, however, that can be a stressed shooter that can suck you right in.