The Best Arm and Leg Bike for 2021

What is Movement Therapy?

Kinesiotherapy,literally movement therapy is a therapeutic treatment of disease by passive and active muscular movements (as by massage) and exercise. It is a core element of physiotherapy/physical therapy.

Movement therapy is a kind of training method that uses instruments, bare hands, or the patient’s strength to recover the whole body or local motor function and sensory function through some movement modes (active or passive movement, etc.).

How does movement therapy benefit you?

Movement therapy is an effective rehabilitation exercise. This article will introduce some of the advantages of Movement therapy.

Prevent myatrophy

Myatrophy is mainly caused by muscle diseases or nervous system dysfunction. In addition to the pathological changes of the muscle tissue itself, muscle nutritional status is closely related to the nervous system. Spinal cord diseases often lead to muscular dystrophy and muscle atrophy. Adhering to movement therapy can help prevent myatrophy.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a kind of decrease in bone density and bone quality due to many reasons. In patients with osteoporosis, the bone microstructure is destroyed, resulting in increased bone fragility, so fractures are prone to occur. The pain of osteoporosis itself can reduce the quality of life of patients and limit their activities. Osteoporosis can make patients unable to take care of themselves and increase the risk of lung infection. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to long-term movement therapy.

Improve blood circulation

The primary significance of blood circulation is to ensure the metabolism of the body. Each tissue of the animal body obtains various nutrients, water, and oxygen from the blood and uses these substances to ensure the normal function of the human body. At the same time, the carbon dioxide, urea, and other wastes produced by metabolism are discharged to the blood and then discharged from the respiratory and excretory organs. Movement therapy can improve blood circulation and make your body healthier.

Improve joint mobility and muscle endurance

The common causes of an abnormal range of motion include pain and muscle spasm caused by joint, soft tissue, and bone lesions; soft tissue shortening and contracture caused by muscle imbalance and chronic bad posture; intraarticular injury; muscle paralysis or weakness caused by various diseases; motor control disorders, etc. Movement therapy can help improve joint mobility and muscle endurance.

Where to find the best arm and leg bike?

LONGEST has the best arm and leg bike for Movement therapy: LONGEST RehaMoto LGT-5100D. RehaMoto LGT-5100D, an excellent active passive trainer, is a rehabilitative training suitable for the active and passive movement of a person’s lower and upper extremities. This arm and leg bike has four training modes: Passive Training, IsokineticTraining, Assisted Training, and Active Training.

Product features of LONGEST RehaMoto LGT-5100D

  • 8″ full-color touch screen, accurate operation, intuitive display. This arm and leg bike can be rotated 270°~360°.
  • Detachable and replaceable upper limb training handle
  • Adjustable upper limb training platform, arm height, and calf shells of the lower limb
  • Stable chassis. This arm and leg bike won’t move when training.
  • Safety protection of upper and lower limbs

Product advantages of LONGEST RehaMoto LGT-5100D

Compared with various arm and leg bikes on the market, LONGEST RehaMoto LGT-5100D has outstanding advantages.

Isokinetic training

The LONGEST exercise bike that works arms and legs rotates at a constant speed and adjusts the equivalent resistance or passive rotation in real-time according to the patient’s strength. The LONGEST arm and leg bike can explore the patient’s remaining motor functions to the greatest extent and maximize the training effect.

Spasm recognition function

The LONGEST arm and leg bike has an intelligent spasm setting, identification, and protection system for safe training.

Symmetrical training function

This active-passive trainer helps users achieve visualization training of left and right muscle strength to guide bilateral muscle strength and enhance coordination.

Real-time display and adjustment of training data

During training, the arm and leg bike will display real-time training data such as speed, resistance, muscle tension and present the patient’s recovery status data.

LONGEST has the best active passive trainer. The exercise bike that works arms and legs is one of their high-quality products. They will provide you with excellent service. Contact them for more information on the arm and leg bike.