The Best High Resistance Home Workout System

In a time when so many fitness studios and gyms are closing their doors in response to the pandemic, selecting the right home exercise equipment has never been more important. Regardless of how much space you have available to you, it’s crucial to avoid losing momentum in relation to your fitness goals.

A Modern Solution to Modern Problems

With many choosing to act safely and responsibly by isolating themselves at home while refusing to sacrifice their personal health and fitness, the question of finding the right exercise equipment has become a common one. While we don’t always have the time, or space, or even the budget to recreate the gym we are used to in our own bedroom or living room, we may wonder how to recreate the same effects utilizing what we do have at our disposal. Sometimes it’s not about resources — it’s about resourcefulness.

One product that continues to impress across the board is the VECTOR from the team at Kayezen. With patented, dial-in resistance band technology that the user can easily, intuitively choose from between 10 to 100 pounds of resistance, Kayezen has managed to cleverly dispense with the need to purchase multiple resistance bands or clutter your workout space with a lot of heavy, large, and expensive pieces of equipment, whether dumbbells or kettlebells or squat racks. With VECTOR, you can start with the weight level that’s right for you and then increase it as you continue to advance toward your fitness goals.

Choose the One Right Tool

With state-of-the-art resistance tube technology, VECTOR represents an elegant and economical approach to the problem of building both strength and endurance while increasing our range of motion, even without a great deal of space to work with. The team at Kayezen bypasses the need to own a lot of equipment, like numerous resistance bands or large, heavy, and often expensive workout equipment that only serves to clutter your home gym, yet while recreating the same effects.

The VECTOR’S patented, dial-in system enables the user to easily and quickly choose from anywhere between 10 and 100 pounds of resistance with a simple twist of the wrist. With VECTOR, you can start at the weight level that best matches your current ability and work your way up from there, guaranteeing constant improvement, all using the one right tool.

Something for Everyone

With the VECTOR available in two sizes (one equipped for a 60-inch range of motion while the other is built for a 45-inch range of motion), you can select the system that best matches the amount of space you have to work with. Whatever pull range you select, you’ll find the same intuitive, quality technology with resistance bands made of KEVLAR, minimizing the risk of snap-back and keeping each rep both fluid and smooth.

Additionally, you can combine two or more VECTOR systems to perform any movement that a pulley or cable rack can while saving both space and money while gaining the freedom to work out inside or out of doors. Go where you want and work out how you want to, anchoring to anything sturdy enough to meet up to 200 pounds of resistance, whether that’s a fence, a light pole, or a piece of playground equipment, making VECTOR perfect for anyone on the move.

You Don’t Gotta be a Pro to Work Out Like One

VECTOR offers literally hundreds of options, with equipment that’s been purchased and used by individuals ranging from amateur athletes to individuals recovering from an injury to professional athletes in all four leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL MBA), along with physical therapy clinics and various training environments.

Even in uncertain times, Kayezen gives us the tools we need to be certain of one thing — with VECTOR, we can build our overall resilience and endurance with new exercises, new challenges, at a new level every day. And with a free app (no sign-up required) you can have practical, easy-to-follow exercise tutorials available at your fingertips, enabling you to choose your own workout regimen (both frequency and intensity), while building your endurance and strength in a way that’s right for you.