The best mountain ranges in Africa – you will be spoilt for choices

Apart from white sandy beaches and beautiful forest tracks, there are spectacular mountain ranges in Africa. Africa is known for its excellent physical features that attract people from all over the world. If you are a hiker that loves taking on a challenge, then checking out what Africa has to offer is a great way to select your next destination for your adventurous trip.

So, how many mountain ranges are there in Africa? What mountains should you put on your list as some of the places to visit soon? With all these questions in mind, the first step would be to identify the best mountains and know what they have to offer. The following list shows some of the mountain ranges that are worth checking out. Remember to bring your buddies on the next trip you plan to take.

Top mountain ranges in Africa to visit

Africa being a blessed continent will offer you a lot in terms of excitement and adventure. Among the things you could do, mountaineering is one of the greatest. From the adrenaline rush to the great exercise you will be getting, you can be sure that a mountain adventure will be one of the few you will treasure and always remember. For a great start, consider the following suggestions.

1. Atlas Mountains

This is probably one of the most famous mountain ranges in the whole world. It is the longest stretching to about 1,600km from the Western Sahara through Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It is also the longest range in Africa that remains unbroken. Also, it is the home to the Berbers who lead a nomadic lifestyle. Its highest peak in North Africa, is on Mount Toubkal.

2. Rwenzori Mountains

This is also known as the mountain of the moon and is located in Uganda. It is recorded as one of the last glaciers of equatorial Africa remaining today. Choosing this as a place to hike will always be a great idea. It is a home to some of the best flora, including the tropical rain forest vegetation as well as meadows, and some snow-capped peaks.

3. Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains are not only a world heritage site but also form part of the Ethiopian Highlands. It is home to unique animals that include the popular Ethiopian Gelada baboons, Ibex, and wolves. These are the ranges that will give you an off-the-beaten track experience, if that is what you are looking for.

4. Drakensberg Mountains

These mountains stretch from North Eastern South Africa through Lesotho. It is a UNESCO world heritage site that forms part of the great escarpment. Apart from the plants and animals, these great ranges have ancient caves that you will love seeing, not to mention the many trails for hikers.

5. Nuba Mountains

It is located between Sudan and South Sudan borders. It is one of the places with interesting tribes of Sudan people. You can only access it by foot or when you are in a four-wheel drive car because of the terrain. The greatest attraction to this area include the people, villages and towns. You will enjoy Nuba wrestling when you visit.

6. Tibesti Mountains

Are you a lover of history? If so, you will enjoy the ranges that offer Neolithic rock art, ancient oases, wandering packs of camels, and a lunar landscape. The Tibesti is located in Northern Chad and is one of the most impressive places to visit.

7. Tsaratanana Massiff

Tsaratanana Massiffis is also among the mountain ranges in Africa found in Northeastern Madagascar. It may not be one of the most visited places but is an impressive site to behold. It has several volcanic peaks and lush valleys. It has some of the most beautiful plants and animals in the entire world.

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