The Best New Year and Christmas Films

New Year and Christmas films and cartoons are the most relevant for viewing in the pre-holiday period. They are used to create the most comfortable atmosphere before the long-awaited vacation. Many people like to get together as a family in front of the TV. They immerse themselves in watching their favorite movie in a warm company to feel the unity of emotions.

Top Five New Year and Christmas Films

In this article, we created a list of Christmas films. It will help to save time when searching for films on this topic and spend it on other more enjoyable things. Christmas films for the whole family will help to have a good time together and bring each other even closer. They will help to improve family relationships. And if you are interested in these films, you can check them at biggmovienow.

1. Serendipity (2001)

At the beginning of the film, Jonathan Traiger prepares for the Christmas celebration. When buying gifts at a local shopping center in New York, a man meets a charming girl called Sarah Thomas. She came to the store for the same purpose. The couple spends a joint evening. However, the young lady does not really want to get closer to a random acquaintance even more. As a result, their story becomes even more interesting.

2. The Family Man (2000)

Several decades ago, Jack had to part with his girlfriend to achieve career success. Currently, the man is a professional businessman and an inveterate bachelor. But he cannot forget his former lover. Waking up one morning, he sees Kate sleeping nearby, and small children run around in an unfamiliar house. As he understands, fate gave the protagonist a chance to change his life dramatically.

3. New Year’s Eve (2011)

The pre-holiday Christmas atmosphere reigns in New York. Locals are in a hurry to get presents for loved ones. People unfamiliar with each other miraculously intersect and they have a romantic relationship. Now they are firmly convinced that true magic burst into their lives, and fate gave them a chance to become happy.

4. Deck the Halls (2006)

Buddy Hall dreams of surpassing his neighbors and relatives and decorating his own house by Christmas so that he can be seen in space photographs. Upon learning of such an idea, Steve Finch, living next to him, decides to accept the challenge and compete with the main character. She decides to arrange an unforgettable holiday party with many guests, which will be remembered for a long time.

5. The Night Before (2015)

From early childhood, Ethan, Chris, and Isaac are best friends. For many years, they gather in the same company during Christmas Eve and have a noisy party for neighbors and acquaintances. The guys understand that the tradition will end soon since everyone has a girl who wants to create a family. Therefore, the main characters decide that the last Christmas meeting should be unforgettable.


In our opinion, these films are the best for creating a Christmas atmosphere. There will help to relax and have some fun.