The best research paper writing services in United States: reviews and expert opinions

Writing good research papers is one of the most important tasks in your college life. It can make or break your grades. Concentrating on your subjects and writing a research paper parallel with the research task can become stressful work for students.

College is a fun and challenging time for students. With the unlimited freedom that comes with being in college, there also come some huge responsibilities and difficulties. College life is accompanied by a great deal of academic writing and a huge amount of study. Therefore, as a student, you need to manage your time well.

Research paper writing is a very demanding task; it needs your time, complete attention, and the skills to write a good research paper. Here comes the importance of good writing services. The research paper should be written in a universally accepted format. It should be noted that anyone who can write cannot write a research article.

Choosing the Right Research Writing Service

Research paper writing is not an easy task, and not everyone is a good writer. You can be good at absorbing information or creating good ideas but may fail when it comes to writing it in an attractive, professional, and brilliant way. This is perhaps the most common reason students and professionals seek professional services to improve their writing and the quality of their research papers.

Choosing the right writing services is a challenging task as there are hundreds of people and companies offering research paper writing services and choosing the best among them is not a piece of cake. You have to consider various factors like their skills and expertise, professionalism, and budget to choose the best one. While there are a few sites that list customer reviews for these services, figuring out the right company – not only one that meets your expectations for quality and pricing, however, it is a complicated process that can take a long time as writing the research paper itself.

Once you identify the best research paper writing services for your research paper, you can enjoy many benefits, including good quality writing, plagiarism-free, unique ideas, reasonable prices, and output matched to your needs and requirements.

Preparing a research paper requires skill, knowledge, experience, and a keen sense of evidence. To help you, we have reviewed the top 3 research paper writing services in U.S.. These are:

  1. 99Papers – best for fast response times
  2. Grademiners– best for quality writing
  3. 1Essay – most famous in the United States

It would not be right to rank online writing companies based on a single criterion such as quality or price. Therefore, we consider various factors such as the quality of research papers, no, of years of experience in setting up research, customer service, pricing, and response times. Some companies offer excellent writing services; however, they are costly, while others offer low-quality writing at a cheap rate.

Here we are ranking the companies that strike a balance between all of these factors.


Writing a research paper requires authentic research, good compilation, interpretation, documentation of details, development, and organization of ideas and conclusion. The writers at 99Papers know that a research paper is a severe type of academic writing that requires some sort of theoretical, focused, and methodological questioning.

Quality of research

99Papers is an online research paper writing company with highly trained professionals in the US and UK. Having professional experience in research writing is essential to write a research paper that matches your supervisor’s guidelines and methods.

99Papers understands that professionals should do such hard work with practical experience. To ensure the quality of all research papers prepared by 99Papers, they have developed a team of highly qualified faculty and individuals to work on the research papers.

It should be noted that 99Papers is the only service that provides you with a draft of the proposed research paper before you decide to continue. All you have to do is submit your requirements and wait for 1 to 2 hours for a draft that gives you an idea of ​​what the research paper looks like. With the help of over 200 retired professors with a 12-hour essay, you can be sure that high-quality research papers will be edited, reviewed, and checked for plagiarism.

Years of experience

99Papers has been serving clients since 2001. Around two decades of experience familiarizes them with the best research paper writing practices and characteristics when writing research articles. Over these years, 99Papers has successfully identified and maintained a team of over 200 retired professors from renowned universities to work with complex research work needs.

One of the most significant achievements of 99Papers is developing a free draft system that helps all the customers. A free draft system was introduced, keeping in mind that most of the students are harassed after receiving payment from research essay writing companies. It also helps them decide whether or not to take the services of 99Papers.

This is a great feature that helps 99Papers lead the world’s best research essay writing companies, as the free draft can help students understand the quality, style, and uniqueness of the research they are doing. 99Papers guarantees personalized research writing services without plagiarism, and your article will not be replicated in any way. They also make sure that your personal information and payment details are 100% safe with 99Papers.

Customer service

99Papers customer support offers live chat and phone services for new customers and a personal account created during registration for existing customers. 99Papers claims to have many returning customers because they offer a free draft before ordering, which gives the customer plenty of time and confidence in their decision to choose. Moreover, the returning customers get a no. of discount plans at an incredible price.


The price of 99Papers Research Paper guarantees that it will be affordable, and you can get a personalized quote for preparing your research papers by requesting a free draft. You will also receive no. of guarantees like free plagiarism, 100% money back for unsatisfactory research material, and unlimited reviews.

Another guarantee offered by 99Papers is the security of your payment information. You need to be careful when making payments on secure online services as credit card theft is on the rise. 99Papers appears to use one of the most secure web servers to receive payments.

Email responsiveness

99Papers provides email response. The response to emails is ensured by providing a unique personal account that can be used exclusively for uploading files and instructions related to your research article, which the author can immediately access for follow-up. Students have the opportunity to view sample essays prepared by 99Papers on their website. This system ensures that your work is done in the way you want it to be. If you are not satisfied with the submitted work, you can request a revision until you are satisfied.

Turn-around time

The minimum response time for the research paper is 6 hours. In the case of the research paper, this reduced response time is noticeable. 99Papers guarantees that you have a no. of retired professors from major universities. Even though they present research papers in just 6 hours, they make sure you do thorough and varied research on your research topic. A customer can easily understand what research will be conducted from the project itself, presented before the order is placed.


Your research must be written by people with an excellent educational background in the same domain as yours to understand the requirements and guarantees make sure this.

Quality of research

Grademiners provide you with advanced research paper writing services. Grademiners assure you affordable, plagiarism-free, and personalized written research papers. Grademiners offer a free draft of your research papers before applying. This opportunity allows you to learn more about the writing style of the research paper and the writer’s ability and experience and allows you to check if you are getting your required research paper. Highly qualified professional UK writers write all research papers.

Writers from the UK have the ability to understand the various requirements set by universities in English-speaking countries. Another feature that requires the attention of a potential client is the research assurance provided by Grademiners Services. They provide you with in-depth, time-limited research on your research topic. guarantee you a time-bound survey in the area of ​​your research, which will then be included in your research paper on your approval. Grademiners strive to provide you with quality articles and offer you unlimited review at no additional cost.

Years of experience

Grademiners have over six years of experience in writing personal research articles. The company is renowned for being one of the most rewarding research writing companies. Since 2004, Grademiners have played a significant role in writing personal research articles and understanding the ever-changing education system and academic writing tasks. The company has succeeded in hiring recently retired professors as writers and provides students with high-quality writing services.

Customer service

Grademiners offer 24/7 customer support for order fulfillment, investigation, and order tracking. Each client receives a personal client account with which he can follow the progress of the research work, talk to the author about his expectations and suggest changes. Customer service also offers live chat and 24/7 phone service for new and existing customers. It is suggested to complete the quality test before ordering through our free project and consulting with the writer.

Customer service starts with requesting a free draft of your research paper. The company guarantees you a free draft in less than two hours. Grademiners also provide a unique opportunity to speak to the writer before ordering, so you have the flexibility to communicate all of your task needs with the writer for excellent results.


Grademiners make sure that you get a personalized quote after receiving your free draft. The website doesn’t offer you a set price for writing custom research papers, although the price will vary depending on the type of work, your academic level, your paper level, and the deadline. Grademiners stick to the same price listed at the time of order, which makes them different and best compared with other writing services. You will never be charged a fee for editing or reviewing the document. Since your research papers are prepared by high-quality UK and US professionals, Grademiners guarantee you high-quality research papers.

Emails responsiveness

You always have the option of talking to the writer and letting it get it right away. Once you place the order, you have a personal client account where you can upload files and send instructions and suggestions to the writer, followed almost simultaneously. Grademiners have also developed an order tracking system that helps you track your research progress.

Turn-around time

Grademiners offer a turn-around time of approximately 6 hours, which is possible with a team of over 200 retired professors from reputable universities. The turn-around time is guaranteed by providing you with one of the most efficient order tracking systems available 24/7. Grademiners also ensure you a free draft prepared exclusively as per your requirements.


1Essay agrees that writing a research article takes time and structuring the research article takes longer than searching and reviewing the literature. The team at 1Essay makes sure to provide you with the best writing services with their experience and skill.

Quality of research

1Essay is one of the premium research paper writing companies with multiple guarantees and professional writers. 1Essay has the experience of writing thousands of quality research articles over the years. 1Essay reveals the success equation behind writing your research papers fast as an electronic library that enables your writer to do quick research in relatively less time using sophisticated research methods. The writers at 1Essay are professionals in preparing research papers for the past several years, and they are familiar with the requirements of most universities and colleges.

1Essay guarantees original research papers written precisely according to your instructions and cited using any method you prefer, e.g., MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, etc. The quality of the research articles written by 1Essay is guaranteed by a team of reviewers who ensure that the final articles and research articles are 100% original and competent, tailored to your expectations, and checked for plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, 1Essay provides complete and correct references.

1Essay guarantees that your research paper is plagiarism-free and guarantees a 100% money-back guarantee in case you find that the paper is plagiarized. The company allows you to communicate with the writer in order to carry out personalized written research in line with the client’s expectations.

Years of experience

1Essay has been providing quality research article writing services for the past seven years. Their exclusive experience in writing research articles has enabled them to understand teachers’ requirements in universities and colleges. The company has succeeded in creating an online library that makes it easier for writers to search, as developing research articles in a short period is difficult and requires expertise.

1Essay has developed a team of over 200 certified writers with experience in writing research articles. The company has also made a support team with its plagiarism detection software and a team of expert writers reviewing articles. You also get full order tracking, and on-time delivery is guaranteed with prompt notifications. The company guarantees the confidentiality of personal and payment information.

Customer service

1Essay offers live chat and dedicated customer service. You can contact 1Essay customer support team 24/7, and every new customer can reach a nearby support team. For existing customers, 1Essay offers a dedicated customer service area where they can access their order information and use other support tools to download instructions, files, search results, and download full documents. The service is available online so that the customers can contact the writer anytime and track the order in the comfort of their home.


The price for a 3-day graduate research paper from 1Essay is $ 20, and the price varies based on how your college-level progresses. In the case of research papers, the research and effort of a high school student and graduate varies widely, as does the price.

Prices for research papers can be chosen on 1Essay based on your academic level. Research article prices are offered for a full page of text in Microsoft Word, and a maximum number of words on the page could be around 320. guarantees satisfaction and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Emails responsiveness

The response to emails on 1Essay is guaranteed via the live chat made available on the site and also via the dedicated customer account opened at the time of registration for placing the order. The client can upload their suggestions on the research paper through their account, and they can send files that help with research and download the work when completed. Good communication with the author is guaranteed with 1Essay and guarantees timely response and action in this regard.

Turn-around time

The minimum response time with 1Essay is 6 hours. The ordering process begins when a customer places an order and describes the assignment. All additional information should be faxed or uploaded through your account on 1Essay. Once the application is submitted, even if it is overnight, the administrator transfers the work to one of the more professional writers in the same field of study.

The writer prepares the research paper after conducting the research. All work is submitted to and reviewed by the Plagiarism Detection Team, and their editors review all work. The reviewed articles are sent by email or downloaded from the personal account created on behalf of the customer. The whole process is carried out with maximum efficiency, and every research paper follows these steps, even if it is urgently prepared.

The best research paper writing services provide you with several benefits

Some of them are listed below.

Saves your time: One of the benefits of hiring research paper writing services is that they save you time. For example, if you need to write two papers and are short of time, you can hire a research paper writing service to write the paper for you professionally.

Plagiarism-free writing: It is always good to use professional writing services, as these services use quality plagiarism checkers. By hiring research paper writing services, you get error-free and plagiarism-free content. A reputable professional writing service will ensure that the content they provide to their clients is 100% unique.

Good quality writing: Hiring research paper writing services guarantees good quality research papers. The professionals offering these services are not only talented and highly qualified to provide students with the best paper writing services, but they also have a wealth of experience. This experience allows these experts to write a paper that qualifies the criteria of a good paper.

Suitable reference and citations: A good and well-written paper should include appropriate citations and references. Unfortunately, many students cannot write proper references and citations, and research paper writing services can help you submit the best paper.

Language proficiency: One of the main reasons why most students choose research paper writing services is that they are not good at writing in English. On the other hand, if they hire a professional writer who is usually native speakers and can write perfect English, free of punctuation and grammatical errors.

Final Words

Research paper writing demands a lot of time, effort, and attention to writing an outstanding paper. But since many students face challenges in this area, they often choose to seek help from professional writing services. The students’ ultimate goal behind choosing research paper writing services is to submit the best research paper. Hence, choosing the best research paper writing services is very important. Many research paper writing services are available online, and you must research the companies carefully to ensure that you are getting the best service for your money.