The Best Selection of Luxurious Jetted Bathtubs

Choosing a new bathtub is a rather demanding procedure as it is important to do it thoroughly to select a perfect model. A tub should be designed for allowing you to not only wash your body but also get a relaxing and even therapeutic experience. A perfect bathtub should be perfectly comfortable and relaxing to alleviate any of your stresses and make you invigorated and refreshed. All the luxury jetted tubs designed by Aquatica provide the complete spa experience.

Each tub is masterfully handcrafted from the materials of the highest quality. The majority of models are manufactured in Europe according to the supreme standards. Before any bathtub is allowed for sale, it goes through a thorough test that consists of a few steps. Each customer can be sure that their tub will arrive fully water tested, visually examined, and officially certified.

 The Advantages of Luxury Bathtubs Designed by Aquatica

The main priority of Aquatica is not only developing a supreme quality product but also providing enough options to satisfy every client. You can see all the models in the catalog by following the link Here are the main features of Aquatica’s jetted bathtubs:

  • Models suitable for everyone. Often, it is quite difficult for taller people to find a comfortable tub that fits. Taking bath in a small tub can be very uncomfortable and even damaging for your back, which is why Aquatica offers a range of models designed for people taller than 6 feet;
  • Installed chromo therapy solutions. A variety of bathtubs includes LED lighting that creates soft and soothing colors while you are bathing. There are different modes of lighting, which you can choose to enhance the experience;
  • Automatic cleaning. The special system ensures that any leftover water is blown from the tub so that it remains clean and sanitary for future uses. The cleaning cycle is activated regularly after you finish using the bath.