The Best Swisher Sweets Flavors in 2019 Spice Up Your Summer Vacation!

You have probably come across this brand many times. You can find these cigars in almost any store in the states. It is not only their affordability that makes them a popular choice for many. It is their flavor and fun size too. For over a century, the brand has provided premium smokes to cigar lovers all over the country and abroad. With the same craftsmanship that built the first cigar in the late 1800s, the company has continually supplied satisfying cigars to this day.

Known for their unique flavor and scent, Swisher Sweets cigars are among the most preferred choices for consumers of all walks of life. They are the perfect mixture of high-quality tobacco leaves and sweet substance that impart a taste beloved by generations. The company today is among the premier businesses to produce avant-garde cigar flavors that many find fascinating.

Top Flavors for 2019

With the Encore Pouch and Limited Pouch cigar lines, the brand presents bold, new, and exciting flavors to their fan base. Our top pick for the best flavors in 2019 are the Strawberry, Sweet Cherry, Menthol, Peach, and Coastal Cocktail.

Swisher Sweets Strawberry

Your taste buds will fall in love with the juicy taste of it. This slow-burn bad boy has a succulent strawberry flavor on a bed of premium tobacco. It features premium tobacco blend short-fillers with a neutral wrapper. The sweet tip on this cigarillo is just the cherry on top! You are guaranteed to get up to 30 minutes of smoke. Get a few packs with you to share it with friends while enjoying the sun laying around the pool.

Swisher Sweets Sweet Cherry

Although this is a product that has been on the market for quite some time now, this year is making a comeback among consumers. The pack offers a tasty sweet cigar leaf gently infused with the sense of mouth-watering cherry. If you are a fan of sweet, fruity tobacco, then this product is perfect for you. The short tobacco filler is carefully blended to impart an easy and mild flavor. The filler is then wrapped in an excellent leaf which is light brown in color. You can always enjoy it on-the-go. With this being said, this is the perfect cigar for those wild summer nights when you go clubbing or visiting concerts.

Swisher Sweets Menthol

This stogie is expertly crafted, flavored, and provides a short and refreshing smoke. The cigar has a filler that is made with a blend of excellent tobacco that leaves the senses refreshed. The filled blend is wrapped in sheet tobacco that provides consistency to the flavor profile. There is a slight hint of menthol infused in it. The combined flavors give you sweet and exhilarating smoke. Light it up and let the cool menthol wash over your senses!

Swisher Sweets Peach

Want to instantly teleport yourself to the bright pastures of summer? This cigarillo has the power to do that even if it is rainy outside. With the deliciously smooth taste dotted with the juicy flavor of fresh peach, you simply cannot go wrong with this baby. A special blend of premium tobacco is selected to ensure that each cigar maintains the highest quality flavor possible. This is complemented by the mild taste of peaches, a truly unique flavor combination in the industry! Enjoy these bad boys in the late afternoon for a refreshing and sweet way to end a meal. You will fall in love with the flavor. Guaranteed!

Swisher Sweets Coastal Cocktail

This is the ultimate taste of summer! This one is a mixture of kiwi and sweet peach flavors. We love the bright and fresh peach tang evident from the first draw. Kiwi notes zoom in and out as you savour premium tobacco sweetness that lingers on the finish. Wherever you smoke this bad boy, expect questions about the astonishing aroma. You may need to hurry though because this flavor is a Limited-Edition production. It is also from the slow-burn type and will go for half and hour or more.

Swisher Sweets has been a top US brand of flavored cigars, enticing aficionados and consumers for generations. The brand always has a new flavor out. Trust our team to keep you in the know!

DESCRIPTION: Making a list of products to buy for your trip this summer? Then you should definitely add a few packs of Swisher Sweets to it! Check some of the amazing flavors available these days.