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The Best Tamil Songs of All Time That Will Stay in Our Minds Forever

Music is a lovely thing that helps us in many ways. It is considered to be a superior weapon for getting rid of depression. There are many types of songs all over the world. Among all the country’s songs, Tamil song is the most popular. Tamil music has a unique style to make a song. There are many songs in the Tamil music industry, and almost all the songs are now on Youtube trending. If you want to listen to Tamil songs, then visit MassTamilan site.

Here is the sorted songs list:

Adada Mazhaida

The song is collected from the movie name Paiya. The movie is one of the romantic action type movies which was hit at the box office. The film of the song was a hit movie that was released in 2010. And the film of the song’s IMDB rate is 6.4, and the movie has become the best movie at that time. Also, the song of the film has already crossed 26 million views on Youtube.

Rahul Nambiar and Saindhavi were the singers of the song which music director was Yuvan Shankar Raja. In addition, the music director of the song received many awards, and Na Muthukumar was the lyric writer of the song. N.Lingusamy was the director of the movie and song too. Besides, Karthi and Tamannah cast the music and film also.

Danga Maari Oodhari

It is the number 2 ranking song, which is from the movie name Anegan. The movie is one of the best action and romantic movies that have gained much more fame from the audiences. Dhanush was the leading actor in the film, which is one of the most fantastic Tamil film.

Dhanush and Marana Gana Viji with Naveen Madhav were the song singers that will stay ever fresh in our minds. Harris Jayaraj was the music director of the song which lyric writer was Rokesh. And K.V. Anand was the director of the movie and song too; also, the song crosses 54.6 million views on Youtube.


It is another song that has gained much more views on Youtube, and the song has already gained 68 million views on Youtube. Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum is the movie of the song, which is a romantic and action type movie. Sam C S was the music director of the song, and Anirudh was the singer of the song. Sam C S was also the lyric writer of the song, and Onasis Mohan was the music producer of the song.

It is one of the romantic type songs that won a million people’s hearts. Also, need to tell you all that the movie of the song was a box office hit movie, and the scene of the film is written with a unique story. Also, the song is so heart-touching that anyone loves to hear this song.

Concluding Remarks:

So after a short hypothesis of Tamil songs, we can authentically say that these mentioned songs are the best Tamil cinema songs. If you listen to this song, you will fall in deep love with these mentioned songs. Also need to say that these mentioned songs always stay in our mind. So listen to these Tamil songs and enjoy every moment.