The best types of men’s shoes for fall in 2022

Why men would want to find the greatest men’s fall shoes? The expression “shoes are the hidden weapon of style” is popular. Even the most casual outfit may appear polished and sophisticated with the correct shoes.

Unfortunately, improper shoes can have the exact opposite impact and ruin an otherwise elegant look by making it look sloppy, unattractive, and unpolished.

Fall is undoubtedly the ideal season for men’s shoes and boots because of the cooler weather. Even if the chilly, rainy weather is irritating, it gives you a great chance to wear the tough, manly styles of footwear that are too heavy to wear in the summer.

Therefore, we’ve put together the comprehensive guide to fall footwear below, along with our top recommendations for the greatest fall shoes to rock this season, to help you enhance your shoe game.

Oxford shoes

Most people choose Oxford shoes without giving them a second thought. They’re the dependable leather lace-ups you reach for whenever you need to look put-together; it’s one of fashion’s few no-brainers.

Nothing compares to Bruno Marc Shoes. The Oxford is the epitome of a smart shoe; it carries us from school to work while making stops at every imaginable formal event. It’s time to rejoin the appreciation club for a style we’ve long taken for granted.

The style was first intended as a more comfortable substitute for the heeled boots that were the norm for men at the period, and it was named after a shoe that gained popularity at the University of Oxford in the 1800s.

There is also some Celtic ancestry in the bloodline; some Oxfords are still referred to as Balmorals because they originated as Irish and Scottish country shoes.

Oxford shoes are still popular today and come in a variety of styles, but they are all elegant, formal, and respectable and are worn by everyone from gentleman spies to well-dressed young professionals.

Brogues / Wingtips

Brogues, also known as wingtips, are a timeless design that every guy needs in his shoe collection and have their roots in English hunting parties.

Brogues are essentially a pair of dress shoes with small holes drilled into the soles to allow water to drain out while hunting through soggy woodlands. They are typically fashioned with full-grain leather uppers.

Since they are more likely to be worn on city streets than in Scottish bogs or English forests, broguing is now more cosmetic than utilitarian. But they strike the ideal blend between rough and classy thanks to their outdoor roots and smart toe form.

As a result, they are an excellent choice for business casual office attire in the fall.

Chukka Boots / Desert Boots

Except for summer, chukkas are among the best men’s casual shoes overall, and in the fall, they very much become my go-to footwear. Chukkas, which were first popularised by the British, are my favorite footwear because of how well they balance comfort and flair.

Let’s face it, most comfortable shoes don’t look all that stylish.

But a timeless pair of chukkas, like the Clarks desert boot shown below, can seem dapper and manly while still being as comfortable as the best sneakers or high tops.

They are therefore ideal for pounding the pavement in the fall when you need something that is both cozy and tough enough for the weather.

Slip-On Shoes

A nice pair of slip-on shoes can be quite helpful if you desire the ease of Chelsea boots but don’t want the additional ankle support they provide.

However, the term “slip-on” covers a wide range of footwear, from ultra-casual sneakers, like the lightweight pair of Wolf & Shepherd slip-on below, to chic loafers, like the Beckett Simonon penny loafers.

Your personal style and the situation will determine the style that is best for you. You’ll probably want something sporty and more informal if you work from home frequently and frequently wear athleisure clothing.

But choose something fancier, like a penny loafer, if you’re searching for a pair to wear to the workplace.