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The billionaire’s gift guide! FEMAIL finds the most over-the-top presents money can buy

The billionaire’s gift guide! FEMAIL finds the most over-the-top presents money can buy this Christmas, from a $2.5 million Rubik’s Cube to a $17,000 Swarovski crystal vacuum

  • For zillionaires with cash to burn, offers a guide to the most lavish, over-the-top, and overpriced presents money can buy
  • One brand offers bottled oxygen from exotic locales like Mt. Everest, with a 100 liter bottle selling for $402,300
  • Designers like Louis Vuitton and Chanel have plush toys for thousands of dollars apiece
  • Other items include a $75 marble tic-tac-toe set, a $1,256 Versace travel mug, and a $4,000 bottle of bourbon

Gwyneth Paltrow has her ‘Ridiculous but Awesome’ gift guide with a $37,290 kiddie gym and $10,500 Chanel sled. Neiman Marcus has its Fantasy Gifts with a $6.1 million diamond ring and a $235,000 ski trip.

And FEMAIL has its Gift Guide for People With Way Too Much Money. 

For zillionaires with cash to burn, offers a guide to the most lavish, over-the-top, and overpriced presents money can buy, from a $2.5 million 18 kt. gold Rubik’s Cube to a $17,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted vacuum.

Sure, Christmas Eve is more than a bit too late to get these items shipped in time for December 25 — but frankly, it’s difficult to imagine who is buying these items anyway. 

For the Home 

In a topsy-turvy universe where the person who could afford this did their own housekeeping, a Swarovski crystal-covered vacuum cleaner certainly would make cleaning a lot more glamorous.

Called ‘the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner,’ this Electrolux Ergoripado piece has been covered with 3,700 crystals by Polish designer Lukasz Jemiol. 








For those who fly private and want to be reminded of that even when they’re at home, this home bar was crafted from a Boeing 747.


For Kids 

Yes, teddy bears get slobbered on. They get messy. After years of love, they’re often threadbare and missing eyes. But that doesn’t mean little Junior shouldn’t have the best of the best to hug and squeeze and drool on.

Enter Tiffany & Co.’s teddy bear, designed in collaboration with Steiff. Made with mohair and finished with Tiffany Blue paws, this toy costs more than even some of the brand’s jewelry but promises that baby will develop a taste for luxury from the cradle.


Why bargain shop for Barbie when little girls can have a Coco Chanel rag doll?

Embellished with beads and dressed in the icon’s ’60s-style dress, this doll will teach children an important lesson given by Ms. Chanel herself: ‘A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.’

And at over six grand, this doll is not used — it’s pre-owned. 


Another pre-owned item, kids with rich taste will surely prefer a $54,000 Louis Vuitton plush panda over anything that can be found on Amazon.

Manufactured circa 2009, this plush toy comes in a protective dust bag, where every well-mannered child keeps their cuddly stuffed animals when they’re not in use.


For Her 

Sipping a $7 latte out of a regular plastic cup is for peasants. 

This embellished designer travel mug screams, ‘I can afford designer stuff.’

In fact, the buyer of this mug likely wouldn’t settle for anything as common as Starbucks, and would likely be a fan of the $18-$20 coffees served up at artisanal hipster cafes. 


For anyone simply tired of breathing the same air as everyone else, one company literally bottles oxygen from exotic locales and ships it to millionaires to breathe in at home.

The bottled air can be purchased from several different places, including Mount Everest’s base camp, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Arctic, the Canadian Rockies, the Andes, the Lake District, Snowdonia, and the Scottish Highlands. It also comes in different sizes, from 2 to 100 liters.


 For Him

Steak from the supermarket? How common. 

This premium subscription from Moda Operandi mails fine cuts of meat — like Wagyu filet mignon, USDA prime dry-aged cowboy steak, and Wagyu beef burgers — to your door every month.

Certainly, one’s private chef will know exactly what to do with it. 







Pappy Van Winkle has been called the ‘unicorn’ of bourbons because it is so hard for customers to get their hands on it.

Made in a Kentucky distillery, only around 7,000 cases, or 84,000 bottles, are released every year.

This drives up the price, with bottles being sold for thousands of dollars each. 


For Pets

Pups of the filthy rich deserve some pampering, too.

This handcrafted tufted dog bed with crystal tacks will ensure Lassie is really living in the lap of luxury.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that this glamorous piece of puppy furniture will fit in with a lavishly-decorated home.


Fido wouldn’t be caught playing dead in just any collar and leash. 

A set made in Italy with genuine leather with satin overlay will keep man’s best friend looking as haute as his owner.


For the Gamer or Sports Fan 

For most people, a Rubik’s Cube would make for a cheap stocking stuffer. But for those looking to splurge, this full-functional toy is a pricey piece of art.

A cool $2.5 million get an 18 kt. gold cube encrusted with 185 carats of expensive stones, including 24 carats of rubies, 34 carats of emeralds, and 22.5 carats of amethysts.

The piece was made by Fred Cueller to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube in 1995.


For anyone who watches an NFL game and thinks, ‘Nice, but could use more bling,’ several teams sell official regulation Wilson footballs covered in real Swarovski crystals.

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and more can trade pig skin for pretty sparkles with these collectibles, which are handmade and covered with 6,200 gems.

Each ones comes with an LED light museum-quality case and rotating turntable.  



Can tic-tac-toe be played on literally any scrap of paper with a pen or pencil for free? Of course. But the question is, should anyone of means have to stoop so low?

This tic-tac-toe set is made of real marble and ensures a quickie game will look incredible. And compared to everything else on this list, it’s a total bargain.