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The bizarre reason Melbourne is set to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026

The VERY bizarre reason Melbourne is set to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026 – after organisers became DESPERATE

Melbourne is set to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games after desperate organisers approached the city as they struggle to find a host city.

The desperate Commonwealth Games Federation approached Melbourne about the possibility of holding the games this month.

‘It’s not a goer, but it’s being looked at,’ a source close to the deliberations told the Herald Sun.

‘It’s not at a point yet where a bid has been approved, but it’s being worked through.’

Melbourne is now on the cards after Durban in South Africa withdrew due to a number of missed deadlines and financial issues. 

The city of Birmingham in England was fast-tracked to 2022 to fill the slot, creating the vacancy for the 2026 games.  

Chair of the 2030 Commonwealth games taskforce, Chair Adem Karafili, supported the move to bring the event forward.

‘We knew from day one this concept would make sense and I think Covid has made it even more achievable,’ he told the publication.

‘It’s designed to ensure that existing infrastructure is upgraded and revamped rather than building wholescale new facilities. It would also be a legacy piece for regional cities to be able to bid for national and international championships.’

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