The Complete Guide to Choosing Moving Containers: Everything to Know

About 13% of the American population moves houses each year. Whether they are moving across the country or across the street, however, moving is always a pain.

The moving process is long, expensive, and exhausting. Or at least it was in the past. Back in the day, you only had two options when moving house; hire full-service movers, or rent a Uhaul truck and DIY it.

Today, however, there are many different options depending on your budget. And many people will choose to use moving containers.

Choosing moving containers can be the most affordable option when moving house. It’s also the most flexible, as you can use them however long you want to.

Keep reading below to learn more about moving container features and how to choose a moving container provider today.

Moving Container Benefits

Why should you use moving containers over other types of moving services? In most cases, they are cheaper.

Your moving container provider will drop them off at your house on your desired date, and pick them up whenever you are ready to ship them to your destination.

The flexibility in how long you have access to your containers is priceless. This allows you to pack and load up the container at your own pace, rather than trying to empty your house in a single day.

You can also store the containers at the storage facility if your new home isn’t ready right away. Whether it’s days, weeks, or months, storage fees are generally cheap and will keep your belongings safe until you’re ready to move in.

Choosing Moving Containers

So how can you choose between different container providers? First off, consider the different container sizes.

Some companies offer a single size. If you need more space, you’ll have to rent multiple containers. The price of multiple containers can really add up, so consider choosing a company with larger-sized containers.

The moving container material is also very important. This is where storage and shipping containers usually differ. Storage containers, kept on location or in a storage facility, are subject to less abuse than shipping containers on the open road.

As a result, they usually aren’t made of metal but may have mold and rodent-proof interiors. Shipping containers are usually made of steel to withstand the elements encountered on the road.

You can view more about the differences here.

Lastly, you should be comparing container costs among various providers.

They will charge different amounts depending on how far your home is from their facility, how long you need to keep the container on your property, and how far it needs to be transported to the destination.

The weight of the container can also impact the price. Some companies will specialize in local moving pricing, while others will be better suited to interstate moves.

Make Your Move Easier With Containers

Most Americans will find that using moving containers is the easier way to move these days. Not everyone can afford a full-service moving company (although it is very convenient).

Moving containers offer the perfect balance between affordability and flexibility that will suit most people.