The Craziest Sports Today That Involves Balls

In the early days, sports were considered the finest method to keep the body fit, but with time, the dimension of sports completely changed, and now it has become the mode of entertainment too.

Furthermore, in most sports, props are used, such as a tennis ball in the tennis game, a volleyball in the volleyball game, a bat & ball in cricket, a stick & ball in hockey, and significantly more.

So, if you are interested to know about some of the craziest sports where balls are involved, then this article is ideal for you. While for those who like traditional ball games like football,  keep an eye on the 7m livescore website.

Unique and Mind-Blowing Sports That Involve Balls

On the sports field, there are many games where balls are involved, such as soccer ball, baseball, pool ball, and others.

In most games, a ball becomes a pivotal point; for instance, without a soccer ball, you can’t imagine soccer; likewise, with a ball, many weird games are played that are outstanding and quite popular.

So, let’s start the journey to find out about the craziest games involving the ball.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a sport which is very much famous in South Asian Countries and literary this sport means kick to the ball. In the early days, the ball was made of rattan, but with time, the design of the ball changed, and currently, it is made up of synthetic fiber.

In the game, players can use their chest, feet, shoulder, and head to pass the ball over the net.

In the early days, this sport was played by the soldiers as they needed to perform some physical activity, and this ball-oriented game was their first option as this game did complete physical exercise.

With time, the game evolved, and currently, it is a National Sport of Malaysia, and a federation is also there to look after the major competitions such as ISTAF Super Series and ISTAF World Cup.

Water Polo

Water Polo sport is very much famous on major continents, including the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia, but the credit for the origin of the game is given to Scotland.

The game is played between the two teams in a deep swimming pool where the feet of the players should not touch the floor of the pool. The number of players on each team is seven, and their prime job is to keep throwing the ball in the opponent’s goalpost.

If you go much deeper into the game, you will find that the players have to do multiple tasks to make the ball reach the goal post, i.e., treading water, swimming, attacking the ball, and others.

In a nutshell, this sport is highly applauded by the people and is also recognized internationally. Furthermore, there is a governing body, whose sole aim is to make the rules of the game, decide about the equipment, and conduct major events.

This game is also entitled in the Olympics, where the rules are formed by the International Olympic Committee.


The handball sport is quite famous in European Countries and is also played in the Summer Olympics.

The game’s rules and regulations are framed by the International Handball Federation, and they also conduct major competitions on the international platform, such as the Handball championship.

In this game, a ball made up of synthetic material is used, and the mass & size of the ball varies as per gender and age.

The handball game is of an hour played by two teams of seven players, and to win the game, the team has to throw the ball into the opponent’s goalpost, and the team who makes higher goals is declared a winner.

In this game, body contact is involved where the defender attacks the striker to break his path towards the goal post.


Korfball is a quite famous game in Netherland, and currently, it is played in 70 countries of the world. In this game, two teams play with each other, and their prime goal is to throw the ball into the netless basket.

The team comprises eight players, i.e., four men and four women, and further, they make a zone that consists of four players.

At the start of the match, one team will select the court where the basket is fixed, and they will form a zone to defend the opposite team players. The game continues, and the winner is decided as per the maximum goals scored by the team.

The Korfball sport is played on an international platform, and to maintain its decorum, including the formulation of rules & regulations, and International Korfball Federation was constituted in 1933.


Hurling is ‘An Intangible Cultural Heritage’ quoted by UNESCO, and also it is the native game of Ireland, but it is quite popular in major continents, including Europe, North America, Australia, and others.

In the game, hurling means the wooden stick, and the ball is symbolized as a sliotar; the players have to use the stick to hit the ball into the opponent’s goalpost.

Furthermore, the ball can be caught in the hand by the player with a condition, i.e., it should be done in less than four stages. The player can pass the ball by kicking or hand pass so the team can achieve the goal.

If the sport comprises women, the same game is called Camogie.

The Hurling game is monitored by Gaelic Athletic Association, and it gave ample effort to make this sport recognized in the world. At present, major events are taking place where most European countries are participating.


Sports without a ball can’t be imagined as with this ball; many games can be played, such as cricket, Walking Basketball, Unicycle Hockey, and others. All the games mentioned above are recognized internationally or highly applauded by the regional people.

Furthermore, the ball-based game is quite healthy for people, and most people play the game to remain fit. If you consider walking basketball, it is mostly played by the senior citizens so that they can enjoy the game and remain healthy.