The eight London boroughs where house prices have more than TRIPLED in the last 15 years 

  • Eight London boroughs have seen house price rises of more than 300 per cent  
  • House prices in Waltham Forest, Hackney and Southwark have risen dramatically
  • Other areas in Southend-on-Sea and Bristol have seen sharp rises since 2000 

Where are the top eight boroughs for property growth in London?

Waltham Forest – 364 per cent 

Hackney – 339 per cent 

Lewisham – 332 per cent

Southwark – 326 per cent 

City of Westminster – 319 per cent 

Newham – 318 per cent

Barking and Dagenham – 309 per cent

Haringey – 308 per cent

Outside of London 

Southend-On-Sea – 290 per cent

Bristol – 280 per cent

London has seen a huge jump in house prices which has seen the worth of homes in eight boroughs rise by more than 300 per cent in under two decades.

Since the turn of the millennium house prices have shot up in London boroughs, some which were not considered desirable at all, just two decades ago.

These include Waltham Forest where prices have risen 364 per cent and Hackney where homes are now 339 per cent more expensive.

Property prices also jumped in Lewisham, Southwark and the City of Westminster over the same period.

HouseSimple research showed the jump was not just occurring in the capital.

Southend-on-Sea, in Essex also saw a jump, as did Bristol.

House prices have risen by more than 300 per cent in eight London boroughs since 2000 

Sam Mitchell, the chief executive of, told: ‘During this period, London property prices stabilised thanks to an inflow of foreign investment, and then started to rise again 18 months after the height of the Credit Crunch. However, that wasn’t the case across large swathes of the country, where the recovery process was far more protracted.’

He added: ‘Today, the property price growth picture is entirely different. As London’s property market shows signs of running out of steam, we are seeing strong growth in the north of England. Eighteen years from now, the UK’s property hotspot landscape could well look entirely different.’

Despite the huge rises experts have predicted this could change dramatically over the coming two decades

Despite the huge rises experts have predicted this could change dramatically over the coming two decades