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The essential factors on how to write a bid proposal

To secure jobs in the global network marketplace, bids are one of the most important components. But how can you make your offer stand out from the crowd when there are thousands of freelancers seeking contracts and even hundreds of proposals on the same work at the same time?

The reality is that each customer is as unique as each freelancer, therefore there is not any miracle solution that will work for every job posting or contract.

There are, however, certain essential actions, described on Workee, that you can take to boost the likelihood that a potential employer will take your application seriously and evaluate it.

Now, let’s consider some deepest aspects of bid proposal writing.

What exactly is a bid proposal?

When you submit a bid proposal, you are providing a very clear overview of your qualifications for the project. In addition to expressing a warm welcome to the client and demonstrating your interest in the project, it serves much more.

Your bid proposal provides you with the great opportunity to describe your skills and how your previous experience qualifies you to do the particular task with quality, precision, on schedule, and within budget. Your credentials and abilities may include the following:

  • Your abilities required for such a task.
  • Education, accomplished projects, and other factors.
  • Results based on your experience.

What is the ideal length for your proposal?

It is not necessary for your proposal to be wordy if it clearly shows that you understand the issue and demonstrates that you are capable of solving it. Always strive to write in an efficient, logical, and clear manner. Generally speaking, whatever you need may be presented in three brief paragraphs or less.

It is quite unrealistic to expect clients to read long proposals that include information irrelevant to their needs. Long proposals may fail to persuade anybody since nearly no one has the time to read everything written there.

How to capture the customer’s attention?

Typically, you will be competing against a few dozens of other professionals who are all vying for the same job offer. It is probable that your bid proposal will have only several minutes to create a favorable impression before the customer goes on to the next one on their list of options.

Writing several captivating introductory phrases is thus essential to guarantee that your proposal is not overlooked. From the employer’s point of view, the purpose of your bid proposal is to identify the freelancer who will be the most beneficial to them.

When you go to the heart of the matter and address the problems that matter most to the customer, you dramatically boost your chances of obtaining the job.

Provide reasons why the customer should choose to deal with you

Your offer may be an excellent beginning point for customers to get a better knowledge of you and can aid you to stand out from the competition in a saturated market.

Keep in mind that your message to the customer has to be understandable and demonstrate the advantages of working with you on their project.

You should describe how your previous expertise would be beneficial to the client’s project and inform them of the length of time you’ve been in the industry.

Also, work examples from the past are quite beneficial in terms of creating trust and reputation. When it comes to a freelancer’s previous work, clients are quite interested, and it might be the most important component in their decision-making process.

Consider include particular case examples, feedback, or outcomes in the second section of your writing so that they may be clearly noticed by the reader.