The Future of Electric Cars

It is becoming increasingly more common to see electric cars on the roads and it is easy to see why so many motorists are making the switch. Environmental damage is a huge topic in the media right now so people are trying to find positive change that they can make in their lives, plus it can also help people to save money in the long-run.

The Future

Many motorists are making the switch but it is still relatively early days in the electric car revolution. So, what does the future hold? The infrastructure and technology are improving at a rapid rate so it is easy to see the revolution picking up speed in the coming years – this is particularly true when you look at how many major cities around the world are introducing bans on petrol and diesel or adding charges to polluting vehicles that enter the city.


One of the biggest reasons that people have been hesitant about switching to electric cars in recent times has been range anxiety. People worried about not being able to travel far enough on a single charge and the lack of charging points which could make motoring much more challenging. These have been understandable concerns but now there are around 15,500 public charging points in the UK and this is a number that is rapidly increasing.


Range anxiety is also becoming less of an issue because the technology is improving. The BMW i3, for example, is capable of around 100 miles on one charge which can alleviate range anxiety – this popular model is also available to lease from places like ZenAuto. The technology is expected to continue improving in the coming years too, including the time in which it takes to charge an electric car (another major concern). Scientists are currently developing rapid-charging batteries that can be charged in 10 minutes and provide over 200 miles of range which will certainly improve the industry.


There will also be greater variety of electric vehicles available in the near future. Every manufacturer is now focusing heavily on electric vehicles because they understand that this is where the future is which means that motorists will be able to find a car that fits with their lifestyle and is within their budget.

The future certainly looks bright for the electric car industry and this is good news as it means that more people will switch and reduce their environmental impact while saving money at the same time.