The Future of Online Betting in India – New Trends and Developments

The online betting industry has long been booming in the country. Year after year, millions of people register on the sites and test their luck and skills. Against this backdrop, interest in the development of the industry is growing despite government bans.

In this article, we take a closer look at what’s new in the world of sports betting.


The first trend of 2022 is betting on esports. In other words, predictions on computer games.

There are now various tournaments between the top teams in games such as:

  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Counter-Strike, etc.

Every year, their popularity only grows, including in India. For this reason, online bookmakers are keen to support them.


Cricket is the most important sport in India. Just like football in the world, this sport has a leading position in this country.

Cricket accounts for almost 80% of all bets in India. This suggests that if an online bookmaker wants to break into this market, then it is vital for him to support this sport.

Because the competition in online betting is extremely high, then the bookmaker needs to offer a high level of service. Players want to bet not only on international cricket events but on domestic matches too.

For example, online betting on IPL.

Here read some of the most popular cricket events in India:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL);
  • Men’s Cricket World Cup;
  • Women’s Cricket World Cup;
  • T20 World Cup;
  • Asia Cup;
  • The Ashes;
  • ICC Champions Trophy, etc.

Live Betting

As you know, all sports betting establishments are banned in India. However, online foreign brands are allowed to offer their services. Against this backdrop, the live betting feature has become extremely popular.

In 2022, more and more players are betting in real time. This is a unique opportunity to combine match watching and sports betting.

The peculiarity of this feature is that a player can place his bet at any time during a match. Also, he can withdraw it with minimal losses, if he sees that he is starting to lose. This type of betting has the lowest risk of loss.

However, not all betting sites offer such a feature. We could recommend using the services of 4rabet betting.

Mobile App

The world is making progress, and more and more people want to be online anytime, anywhere.

An online betting mobile app comes to the rescue.

Every year, more and more Indian players prefer bookmakers that can offer a mobile app on iOS, especially on Android. This greatly simplifies the gambling process and also has its benefits:

  • The player can be online anywhere and at any time with an internet connection;
  • The interface is as well designed as possible;
  • Increased level of security;
  • Ability to receive push notifications;
  • Fast operation of the application, and so on.

In 2022, having a mobile app will be a crucial factor in choosing a bookmaker.

However, not all bookies have one yet. We suggest you try 4rabet betting on their app.


In 2022, one of the most important places on the agenda is the legitimacy of betting in India. It is no secret that it is illegal in the country to introduce betting businesses or to visit these kinds of establishments. However, nothing is said about online bookmakers.

The betting industry in India is extremely progressive and has several prospects. If the government legalizes this kind of entertainment, it will bring additional profits and more jobs places.

However, for the time being, the players cannot hope for an improvement in the situation.

Even though states in India can decide their attitude towards betting, the situation is still bad. In 2022, no changes or even just discussions on legalization are foreseen.

However, there are hopes that in the future this kind of entertainment will still be approved. There is a list of reasons to do so. For example, one of them is that more than 60% of the population is under 35, which is the target audience of online bookmakers.


India is one of the most advanced countries in the world.

Every year it develops more and more with its online services, including online betting. Even now, Indians can use bookmakers through their smartphones, and in time, technology will bring more progress to this form of entertainment.