The Gift of an Education Isn’t Enough: The 5 Best Gifts for a College Student

Remember when Christmas shopping for your child was as easy as buying the newest Barbie or Transformer?

We do, too. But buying gifts for college students isn’t that easy. COVID-19 has changed the college experience for the worse, and it can be tough to know how to support your college student in these times.

If you want to spoil the stressed-out college student in your life, this article is for you. Keep reading — we’ll break down the best gifts for college students so that you can give them a gift they’ll love.

Academic Support

Academics are a common stressor for college students everywhere.

Not only are classes more challenging than in high school, but there are more assignments to complete. When you add the stressors of living away from home, maintaining friendships, and navigating the university system for the first time, students can struggle to find time for their schoolwork.

If you want to help lift some of the academic burdens from their shoulders, give them the gift of an essay editing service.

Essay writing help will boost their grades and cut down on academic worries. Even better, it will streamline their writing process, giving them more time to tackle all those other homework assignments.

A Laptop That Works

As more and more classes move online, students need the right tech for their college careers more than ever. Laptops for college students are a fail-safe gift.

With all the laptops on the market, though, don’t make the mistake of trying to surprise the college student in your life with a machine they might not like. Ask them whether they need a fully-loaded laptop for video editing or a lightweight machine for taking notes.

Trendy Tech

Useful, convenient, but a little bit outside of a student budget, trendy tech is a perfect way to spoil the college student in your life.

Wireless headphones are on every college student’s wishlist, whether they prefer Apple Airpods or noise-canceling headphones. If they’re more of the “listen out loud” type, get a portable Bluetooth speaker that can go everywhere they do.

Video Streaming

Video streaming services are a one-stop shop for the entertainment your college student wants. However, another monthly bill isn’t what any college student needs.

Picking up the tab for a video streaming service gives your college student a stress-free entertainment source. Amazon Prime is a great choice for young adults because it offers additional benefits, like free shipping on tons of online purchases.

Phone Sanitizer and Charger

It’s a sure sign of the times that young adults are less interested in the best cars for college students and more worried about making sure they have hand sanitizer.

We all know that phones harbor more bacteria than the average toilet seat.  That’s why a phone charger that kills 99.99% of bacteria with UV light is the ideal gift.

Give a Gift Your College Student Will Love

No matter how the times change, you want to give your college student a gift that they’ll love. Thankfully, with this list, you’ll know how to buy a gift that’s fun, useful, and a little bit luxurious.

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