The grim realities of removing lip filler/botox/BBLs, according to experts

Former reality star Angela White, known as Blac Chyna to her millions of fans, is undoing many of the cosmetic procedures she has received throughout her life in what is being described as a ‘makeunder’, 

The former stripper — who is famous for her exaggerated physique — removed her silicone butt implants, and fake breast and dissolved her lip and face fillers.

In an exclusive interview with, the reality TV star said getting cosmetic work was ‘dangerous’ and she said she would not recommend others to get the same procedures.  

While plastic surgery is known to carry health risks, doctors and former patients warn that undoing the procedures can also cause harm, such as scarring, infection, bruising of the skin, blood clotting, and fluid build-up underneath the skin.

Silicone injection removal uses liposuction to vacuum out a person’s fat. Lip and face fillers can be dissolved with injections of a formula called hyaluronidase. Breast implants can be surgically removed. All of these procedures come with individual risks, though

And getting surgery undone is not cheap – with corrective procedures costing up to $7,000.

Model Chrissy Teigen is among a slew of famous celebrities to remove their implants in recent years. 

She warned on her Instagram in 2020 that the procedure came along with intense scarring.

YouTuber Evangelina Petrakis documented her journey trying to rid her lip fillers, where she revealed she needed to be repeated appointments and suffered intense bruising while trying to dissolve her plumped lips.

Blac Chyna revealed her plans to remove her implants last week, saying she was ‘changing her life and changing her ways’.

The model, who is rumored to have earned more than $240million from her X-rated OnlyFans account in 2021, famously received butt and breast augmentation and lip fillers proceeding her rise to fame.

She has received four breast augmentations, silicone injections, lip and face fillers and liposuction throughout her life. 

Now wanting to undo the cosmetic changes, she is getting the procedures undone in what she describes as going from ‘Blac Chyna’ back to ‘Angela White’.

Earlier this week, Blac Chyna took to Instagram to reveal that she got the fillers in her cheeks, jawline and lips dissolved

Earlier this week, Blac Chyna took to Instagram to reveal that she got the fillers in her cheeks, jawline and lips dissolved 

While the procedures come with substantial and well-publicized risks, and removing them is not risk-free either.

Lip and face filler dissolve in a procedure with potential downsides. Physicians will usually use hyaluronidase to dissolve lips.

The chemical is an enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the body. A vast majority of lip fillers are a synthetic version of hyaluronic.

It is also naturally produced in the body’s skin, eyes and joints, serving as a cushion and lubricant for the body.

There is a risk that when a person receives the injections, they will receive too much hyaluronidase, and start to destroy some of their body’s natural hyaluronic acid.

This can lead to wrinkles, swelling, and pain in the joints. 

Ms Petrakis documented her lip filler removal journey in a video she posted to her YouTube channel last June.

The social media influencer chose to get her lip fillers removed last year and was surprised by how long and arduous the process was.

After her first shot of the removal serum she suffered severe lip swelling and her fillers were not yet dissolved. 

She went back shortly after for a second shot. Then, Ms Petrakis experienced intense bruising on the inside of her lip.

Finally, the third shot of hyaluronidase was enough to get her lips back to normal. She described the process as requiring a lot of hard work and a lot of money.

Prices for each shot can cost anywhere between $100 and $2,000, and it is unclear how much the YouTuber ended up paying. 

Other potential downsides include severe pain and tenderness in the skin. A person’s side effects rarely last more than a week, though.

Evangelina Petrakis (pictured) documented her journey receiving lip filler dissolving on her YouTube channel

Petrakis suffered intense bruising on the inside of her lip

Evangelina Petrakis (pictured) documented her journey receiving lip filler dissolving on her YouTube channel. She suffered intense bruising on the inside of her lip

Ms White also had her breast implants removed, which has in itself become a trend among some of Hollywood’s elite.

Ms Teigen is joined by actress Ashley Tisdale and R&B singer Kehlani in getting the procedure undone.

The model said her ‘surgery went perfectly’ when she had the silicone implants taken out in May 2020, but also suffered significant soreness and scarring in the days following.

She was rumored to have a 34C bra size before the removal.

Ms Teigen shared pictures of her intense breast scarring with her Instagram followers.

While Ms Teigen did not suffer any severe symptoms, doctors warn that those who choose to go through with breast implant removal may suffer some risks.

Scarring and saggy skin left behind are two common issues. Improperly performed procedures can also leave the breasts asymmetrical.

In a more severe case, a person could suffer an infection as the cut site used to remove the implants.

Potentially deadly clotting, known as deep vein thrombosis, is also possible. These clots usually initiate in the legs and travel to the lungs, where they prevent a person from breathing and often lead to death.

Clotting within the organs or other body tissue, called a hematoma, is a potential risk too.

This clotting usually occurs after surgery of any kind as damaged tissue, collagen from the skin and other bits escape into the bloodstream, clogging the veins.

It is common for veins to be damaged during an operation, restricting the flow of blood and causing clots to form.

Model Chrissy Teigen had her breast implants removed in 2020

Teigen suffered severe scarring from her procedure

Model Chrissy Teigen had her breast implants removed in 2020. She suffered severe scarring

The price for the operation will usually fall between $3,000 and $7,000 in the US. 

Brazilian Butt Lifts, most well-known as BBLs, and silicone buttocks injections are also common procedures a person may want to be undone.

Both come with their own risks, with BBLs considered to be among the deadliest cosmetic surgeries a person can receive.

Around one in 3,000 patients will die because of complications from the surgery. Issues include fat embolism and infections.

Whether a person received silicone or a BBL — which implants someone’s fat from another part of their body into their hips — the removal process is similar.

Undoing these procedures requires liposuction, where surgeons use a vacuum-like device to remove fat from the body.

It is a typical procedure with relatively low risks, but some people occasionally suffer issues.

One of the most common complications is an internal puncture, where the cannula — the device at the end of the vacuum that sucks up the fat — goes too deep into the body and pieces skin or an internal organ.

This can lead to potentially deadly bleeding.

A fat embolism may occur too, where a small bit of fat breaks off from the rest of the body and becomes trapped in either a blood vessel or the lungs.

Removing so much fat from the body also deprives it of fluids, as fat is rich in liquids. This can lead to a fluid imbalance that harms heart and kidney function.

There is also risk of infection, swelling, numbness and pain associated with the condition.