The growing popularity of capabilities and applications of the Django Framework

Django Framework is gaining astronomical popularity among development professionals and much of it is pertaining to its:

  1. Versatile nature
  2. Security feature
  3. Simplicity in syntax
  4. Scalability
  5. Compatibility for SEO
  6. Pluggablilty
  7. Set of libraries
  8. Default admin panel

Django development companies in San Francisco use Django for:

  1. Social Networks
  2. Verification systems
  3. Data analysis solutions
  4. E-commerce platforms
  5. On-demand delivery apps
  6. Prototypes and MVPs
  7. CRM systems
  8. Content Management Systems for both the commercial as well as internal purposes
  9. Business management applications
  10. mHealth applications
  11. Emailing solutions
  12. Appointment scheduling applications
  13. Machine learning

And so on. Relying on the stats by Similartech, there are nearly 55, 000 new domains and no less than 78, 000 websites using Django. These figures depict the popularity of framework among its 11, 000 development professionals across the globe.

Applications such as the Washington Post, Pinterest, Spotify, and Dropbox have Django capabilities. And more of these Django-based applications are coming out in the market every year. From Finland in Russia to Diagnostic Management Systems are a few of the many latest applications from Django.

Django Development Services abide by the time-efficient principle by not repeating the code that has already been written. That’s exactly where Django becomes the preferred choice for development professionals for creating high load systems.

Its MVC architecture forms a foundation of almost all applications and websites wherein the professionals can leverage the visuals and the business logic as the two sections to be dealt with separately.

Now these are powered by Django and they’re doing great in terms of performance

Indeed! The following apps are Django’s proud offerings that have significantly added to developers’ perspective about the very framework –

  • The Guardian – Like the Washington Post and the New York Times, even the Guardian is powered by Django capabilities. However, Django was essentially created to assist Lawrence Journal World’s content application.

Eventually, the power of Django could be seen in popular newspaper sites. These sites are not only scalable, they are doing exceptionally well in handling the colossal data coming in from the daily readers.

  • Instagram – Instagram has attained a worldwide popularity because of its incredibly innovative and powerful social network. Using this platform, people from far geographies share their special moments through pictures and videos on this platform.

Instagram is one other social platform that processes huge data amounts on an everyday basis. Not just this, the social platform manages far more interactions among its users each second.

  • BitBucket – BitBucket is a cloud-based hosting service launched a decade ago. This Git repository is now proving to be extremely useful for millions of development professionals. The professionals worked hard to pull more than 17 million requests to create no less than 6 million repositories.

BitBucket has Django framework in its core. As BitBucket already has multiple parts for ready-to-use purposes, professionals can emphasize on enhancement of functionality and not creating them from scratch.

Wrapping it up!

Django development companies in San Francisco are catering to some major projects from large, medium, and small-scale companies by leveraging Django capabilities. Apart from the exceptionally easy process of creating applications, Django allows hassle-free handling of tons of users, the addition of brand new functionalities, and the ability to scale the product offering.