The Health Benefits Of Being Prepared If Another Pandemic Were To Happen

With many people not being able to enjoy group sports in over a year due to the pandemic, it is fair to say people have been trying to find other ways to get outside and obtain some fresh air while trying to occupy their minds.

With social distance has been an absolute must, the need to find a way to be outside in a safe environment became a focal point in people’s lives. Getting children and young teenagers outside has many parents worried, the way around this was to find activities they can do safely.

Activities that they could/can do on their own instead of in a group, doesn’t have to be difficult, parents have been opting for sports or activities such as skateboarding, running, or walking. Something that gets you, or your children outside in difficult times is essential. In the situation that many people faced and still face, it is very helpful in maintaining a good standard of mental health and brain stimulation.

The negative impact Covid had on mental health

The negative impact on people’s mental health for over a year now has had a devastating effect on their daily lives. The feeling of being locked in a home has made people completely trapped, lonely, and vulnerable. By getting some daily exercise outside will change your emotions and how you may feel.

You may have always thought of other people as being vulnerable, the elderly, disabled, small babies who rely on other people to take care of them. You probably never thought you would ever fall into that category. The truth is many people are now in that situation and even with things looking like they are improving, the need to feel safe has many people still enjoying activities alone.

The future

This may have also got you thinking about your family’s future, so if the need were to arise again you would be more prepared in handling and dealing with the situation in a more timely fashion. When the covid 19 situation happened, the world was completely unprepared. No one knew how long this situation would go on. So with many people not taking this seriously to start with, many people did not deal with this situation in a healthy way.

Health is always nearly associated with physical health, mental health is not readily recognized by people who have never suffered from this as important. The world’s attitude on mental health has improved over the years, with treatments being done in a correct way now. The last year has seen a rise in people feeling lonely and vulnerable.

Why do gyms help with health?

With gyms and exercise classes being closed, the rise in people’s weight has also risen. This has had a very negative impact on people. There has been a growing concern about people with eating disorders. Attending a gym or a fitness class is a way many people with eating disorders help keep their weight steady and stable without resorting to drastic measures.

When you take away an exercise class or the gym a person with an eating disorder will find an alternative way to keep the weight off, which can lead to more weight being lost. If the person lives alone they will be able to hide these things in a way that health deterioration will be more advanced before it is noticed.

The COVID-19 situation has now made everybody realize that they need to make preparations for the future. Before no one would ever have thought the whole wide world would completely come to a halt, it did and the aftermath has been horrific. The consequences have been devastating, for many people just not having the worry of catching a virus, but the effects it has had on the world as a whole.

What did people lose?

Many people losing their jobs, homes, and businesses has led to other problems. Financial devastation has hit families in a manner that many will be unable to come back from. Globally the virus has not only left people fearing for the lives of their loved ones as well as their own, but it has also left us wondering what will happen next.

When people lost their loved ones, not being able to plan or hold funerals was one of the most horrific things to happen. Leaving loved ones alone in the hospital to die was scary for the patients, leaving them vulnerable, lonely and possibly more likely to die because they felt unsafe should be the main problem that is dealt with should the need arise again.


Governments were so unprepared for what happened that it has left them in crisis as to how they need to move forward successfully. The choices that many people will look to make about their families will come down to how well they can get the home running in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. Ensuring that if this happens again they can support the family they have, financially, physically while maintaining everyone’s mental wellbeing in the house.

Planting vegetable gardens or stocking up on tins of food slowly through the year is one way to help your family in times of need. The tins you stock do not have to be expensive, and adding these to your cupboard one or two at a time is helpful. Tins of fruit, beans, soups can make all the difference to a financially difficult week.

Looking for a few old board games in a charity or thrift shop will help with boredom when stuck indoors, even being able to play these in the garden will break up the week and help bring some calm to those around you.