Internet has almost completely redesigned the current era. It has created a great impact on education and online learning. People today are going for online learning platforms. Learn more about the impact of internet on education.

The dominance of the internet and technologically advanced online solutions is inevitable. Let’s face the fact that the internet has become a crucial part of our lives, a technology without which one can’t possibly imagine a life. The days of writing on chalkboards and whiteboards, making written assignments and conducting non-digital exams and tests are the talk of the past.

The theory of “it came, it won, and it conquered” is the perfect summary of the internet and its far-reaching and now deep-rooted impacts. Internet doesn’t simply improve the human lives; it revolutionized every single aspect, sector, and industry known to humankind.

From giving free, uninterrupted and effortless access to the massive amount of information and data, using the internet is the first thought that pops in your mind whenever you face any challenging situation for instance how 2+2 can be equals to 5? Analogies aside, the chief reason as to why the internet is becoming a widely-preferred educational tool and popularly used as a virtual teacher is its extensive support of various teaching styles and methods, which can’t possibly be offered by any schooling system.

Considering the battle of the two giants, i.e., the current schooling system and the digital replacement the internet, the debate is now all about the importance and need of a degree. To elaborate on that, whether a piece of paper is needed to join the workforce, which is soon to get disrupted by technologically advanced and artificially intelligent robots and machines or the higher fees of colleges and universities are the main reason for the takeover by this digital substitute teacher.

The reasons could be many and none, but the World Wide Web is still striving to make the educational sector better by pushing the boundaries of traditional teaching method and style. Here’s a list of all the reasons that the internet has changed the educational sector for good:

  • Online education:

No one can deny the importance of classroom-based education. What you learn in class tends to stay with you for a lifetime. With numerous college students struggling with educational loans and college fees, online education has become a more viable option. Online courses and programs allow the students to take full control of their learning process which introduces them a more flexible and feasible learning style. Without worrying about missed lectures and low attendance, you can learn from anywhere at any time. Be it your room couch or a resort in Bali; online education gives you complete college experience while allowing you to enjoy life and achieve your goals simultaneously.

  • Cloud collaboration:

One of the most famous studying styles of college-goers is combined studies, what if that happens through the internet as well? That’s precisely what happens when a group of students notes down online lectures on google docs to make their notes, all thanks to the Cloud. When you use the cloud to access all your notes or to be a part of a group project, you don’t have to be in the same place as your project partners, you could live in one continent and your partner could be in another but with cloud one can easily and speedily exchange and share information.

The need for carrying multiple textbooks and notebooks has reduced to none with applications like cloud storage. With cloud storage, the streamlined information sharing process is no longer in practice.

  • Educational games:

Where classrooms can do wonders to a child’s intellect, his development, and his innate skills, educational games are improving the educational sector for the profoundly talented ones.

The biggest beneficiaries of these online games and applications are the kids with disabilities. Once marginalized and discriminated by the traditional school policies, these games and applications help the kids with autism and other disabilities to develop and improve their motor skills, basic reading and writing skills and most importantly communication skills.

Such games and applications help the kids in learning and revising the information while studying—all credits to the internet and advanced technology.

  • Access to information:

With free access and ease of availability to an immense amount of data and information, Wikipedia is the library of all types and categories of students. Regardless of the doubts and questions on the credibility of information available on Wikipedia, thousands of students use and consider Wikipedia as the first and most reliable source of information.

With hundreds of Wikipedia writing services and professional wiki volunteers contributing their valuable insights and articles on this platform, the chances of having unreliable information are close to none. Not only Wikipedia, but the internet is also overflowing with thousands of information archives and digital libraries.


The internet has impacted human lives massively. Whether its revolution of shopping and working experience or enhancement of the educational system and style, undeniably internet stimulated the evolution of not just the human life aspects but also the technology itself.