The increased popularity of online gambling in the US

Indeed, online gambling across the world has gained more popularity more than ever. In fact, the research has it that online gambling will be worth $160 billion by 2026. Among the countries that have contributed significantly to this growth is the US. According to Gallup poll research conducted in 2016, 64% of Americans said they had already gambled. Also, 3% said they had gambled online. Well, this is a significant number, and it is even bigger as of now. Of course, something has propelled this growth. For instance, access to smartphones increased internet connectivity, and internet infrastructure growth has played a major role.

Currently, many gamblers in the US have smartphones. Again, smartphones have internet connectivity, meaning that you can access gambling websites. With this in place, you only need to install the necessary apps and gamble any time you want. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the devices with the apps. There are apps for different devices, such as IOS and iPhones.

Additionally, growth in internet infrastructure has propelled online gambling in the US. As a result, you will get an enhanced gaming experience. All this will make you crave for more. Apart from the government’s effort to improve the internet infrastructure, the gambling sites have also invested a lot. Precisely, they have partnered with the best software developers that you will ever find out there.

Improved internet connectivity is a major variable in the online gambling equation. For example, 85% of Americans can access the internet either from their homes or public places. So, if you are an American citizen, you can gamble comfortably without internet interruption.

States Opening up for Online Gambling

Today, you don’t have to visit any land-based casino in the US. You can comfortably place your bet in the comforts of your home. This is because there are many states opening up for online gambling in the US. To bet, you need to know the legalized state. If your state is on the list, then you are good to go. Most legal online casinos in the US offer you games such as sports, online poker, and online casino. The latest states to open up in the US include the following.

  • New Jersey online gambling.
    Currently, New Jersey is the largest state in the US that offers you online gambling services. For example, the market worth is estimated to be $225 million in a single year. If you are in this state, you will access games such as online poker, online casino, and online sports betting.
  • Pennsylvania online gambling
    The state offers you some gaming delicacies such as online sports, online casinos, and online poker. Sports betting was launched in May 2019. On the other hand, online casinos and online poker were launched in July 2019 and November 2019, respectively.
  • Indiana online gambling
    With this state, you will get access to sports betting. However, online poker and online casino are yet to launch.
  • West Virginia
    Currently, you can play both online sports and online casino while at West Virginia State. Online casino is not available as of now, but you will access it in late 2020 or 2021. Also, you can play sports via an app.
  • Nevada online gambling
    Nevada State has got your back if you are a sports or poker punter.  As of now, the online casinos in the state offer you sports betting and online poker. Online casino is yet to launch.
  • Delaware online gambling
    The state was the first to launch online gambling. As a result, you will access the three top games: online sports, online poker, and online poker.
  • Colorado online gambling
    The state of Colorado tops the list of states that have propelled online gambling growth in the US. Currently, the state specializes in online sports betting. Nevertheless, there are no plans to launch both online poker and online casino.
  • Tennessee online gambling
    This is the latest you will find in the list. The state launched online sports betting on November 1, 2020. Both poker and online casino are yet to launch

Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports are Becoming More Popular than Ever

According to, almost every state offering online gambling have Sports betting. In fact, sport betting is the main portfolio of most casinos in the US. According to the American Gaming Association, legal sport betting has already registered more than $17 billion in wagers. On the other hand, revenue stands at $1.2 billion. It is worth noting that the amount for wagers and revenue was from 14 states. As you can see, sports betting has created an economy of its own. With these figures, it is pretty sure that that sports betting in the US will become even bigger.

The daily fantasy sport is the next big thing that you give a try. According to the report conducted in 2019, Daily fantasy sports generated $2.9 billion as revenue. On the other hand, the entire market was valued to be worth $7.22 billion. Despite this significant growth, daily fantasy sports have experienced some setbacks. For instance, some states are yet to legalize it. This is a clear indication that there is a potential for it to grow if legalized fully. The two main operators of daily fantasy sports include:


Online gambling is arguably one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. Indeed, it has created an economy of its own. If you look at the percentage of people who gamble, you can clearly tell that it is a daily business to some people. Again, the amount of revenue collected is an indication that online gambling is very popular. There is still some potential even to become bigger.

Still, you cannot overlook what has already propelled the online gambling industry. Firstly, access to smartphones has propelled the industry’s growth. Most people can gamble while in the comfort of their homes. Secondly, access to the internet is among the greatest contributor to the growth of online gambling. In fact, 85% of people in the US have access to reliable internet. Lastly, the internet infrastructure enhances the gaming experience. As a result, it attracts more gamblers. All these have made more states in the US venture into online gambling. You will also find that the states have put more emphasis on online sports betting.