The layout of a top coworking space

Many people seek a full set of office supplies and cozy furniture when choosing a coworking space. However, a flexible layout is also an aspect that defines a top coworking space and is good to be considered during your search. To meet the needs of all its members, coworking space has to provide them with a variety of business spaces. While not all coworking organizations do this, the elite ones will make you happy with a diverse choice of spaces. Here are the areas you are going to find in a premium coworking space.

Shared spaces

Shared spaces are met in all coworking offices. They provide professionals with common areas where they work face to face and interact. This type of space fosters collaboration and drives innovation while allowing members to work flexibly and switch seats according to the hot desking principle.

Individual office suites

If you want to isolate yourself from working on an important project, you can move to an individual suite. This type of room is nothing else than a typical personal office, where you are given an assigned desk and are surrounded by four walls. The only difference with the boring office cubicle is the flexibility you have in leaving the suite whenever you want.

A coworking space is all about the interaction between professionals. People join such a space to connect to like-minded enthusiasts and grow in a fun atmosphere. However, sometimes you get a hard project to do that requires a quiet and isolated place for full concentration. As you finish it, you join back the shared space.

Group zones

Some Singapore coworking space layouts have special zones for groups. This option comes in handy to teams that have to work on projects in peace without being distracted by people talking on different topics in the shared space. Group rooms have something in common with individual suites, as they are also isolated by the rest of the world with soundproof walls and are generously equipped with supplies for innovation, meetings and webinars.

They are autonomous areas where professionals have access to everything needed to carry out their projects. The only difference with individual rooms is size. Since aimed at fitting large groups of people, team rooms are more spacious, and, comes without saying, more expensive.

Meeting rooms

Startup companies and small businesses may need a meeting room to hold negotiations with partners, consult customers and organize conferences. Since taking much space from the entire office plan, meeting rooms are not found in all coworking environments. However, if the organization has a large space at its disposal, it can afford a more diversified layout, with meeting rooms included.

Recreation spaces

Workers can join the recreation space to drink coffee and chat with interesting people. Chill rooms are common to all coworking spaces, yet the amenities available vary. Besides cozy furniture and eye-pleasing decorations, top chill rooms boast a pool table, a foosball table, and even a mini kitchen area where people can make coffee and prepare snacks.