The manliest, meatiest bouquet ever

Men, of course, are not as romantic as women, but you cannot leave them without the gifts of Valentine’s Day. This holiday exists solely to offer comfort and to share genuine emotions, to show affection, fellowship and devotion. What do you have to offer on this festive day, how do you please, cheer up, make this day fun and unforgettable?

If you are tormented by the thought of what to give your dear and beloved man for his anniversary or February 14, if you are seriously thinking how to surprise and please him on his birthday… well, or just want to make him a pleasant surprise or a gift for no reason … choose a man’s bouquet.

It is impossible to appease the powerful half of mankind with a gift. You may use a standard collection of after-shave lotions and creams, but this is no longer relevant! If you want to thrill and delight-buy the bouquet of a man from Manly Man Company.

An unusual bouquet can surprise a man of any age and status

This is a great gift from a friend or beloved wife. Stylish and unusually decorated beer composition will certainly please him. Want to surprise your loved one? Manly Man Co will take into account preferences and individuality … and he will definitely appreciate your creativity and will be delighted with the taste and mouth-watering aroma of such a bouquet.

The tendency to give such a gift is not yet widespread, so you can definitely surprise a person with something like that. For example, if a husband, brother, boyfriend or father likes to eat tightly, then a meat bouquet is just what you need!

The best men’s flowers are the guy bouquets. In a custom-branded box are completely fitted and sealed with oxygen absorbers to keep unopened.

The brutal bouquet of a true man

Manly Man Company promises that the client will be pleased with this presentation. Manly Man Company hires professional food florists who collect original food and drink bouquets for men. In addition, there will be a snack of beer at the festive table! Why would a man need roses or other presents when he was faced with a bouquet of beer and snacks?

Men’s edible bouquets look brutal and unique, they contain goods that no husband, mate or colleague refuses! Manly Man uses the most “manly” ingredients!

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

Each vase is a Manly Man pint glass that is pre-arranged, sealed and packed fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish labelled case. The custom box design allows the bouquet to be shipped fully packaged and conveniently sided out to have the perfect gift experience.

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet – Black Steel Edition

Their wildly famous Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet in a limited version of Manly Man black stainless steel pint glass! This bottle is a double walled glass to keep the beer ice cold longer.

The Bloody Mary Kit

This kit is going to take your Bloody Mary to the next level.

Directions for the perfect Bloody Mary: Rim glass with Demitri’s Bacon RimShot, mix tomato juice, vodka and Demitri’s all-natural blend of seasoning. Garnish with olives and a beefy flower (vodka not included).

Bacon Roses + Dark Chocolate

Bouquet of a dozen stalkless, old-fashioned maple candied bacon roses dipped in dark chocolate to form a dessert cup bottom that slides out of a custom-made box to ensure the best gift experience possible.

Not just holidays… Win every occasion.

Order an edible bouquet right now to please your loved one as soon as possible!

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