The Masked Singer fans are outraged about Macaw David Archuleta finale loss to Medusa Bishop Briggs

The Masked Singer fans have expressed their outrage after the identity of Macaw was unveiled amid his shock loss to winner Medusa. 

American Idol alum David Archuleta, 32, was revealed as the singer underneath the Macaw mask during Wednesday night’s final as he was named runner-up to Bishop Briggs, who appeared as the character Medusa.

Bishop, 30, clinched the win from the 32-year-old multi-platinum recording artist, and his triumph over David triggered a wave of fans coming to the Macaw wearer’s defense, with one person declaring: ‘#TheMaskedSinger you BROKE my HEART!’

Some even accused the singing competition’s voting system of being rigged and unfair.

Fans have expressed their rage on social media after the Macaw’s David Archuleta was named runner-up to Medusa’s Bishop Briggs on Wednesday night’s The Masked Singer finale

This is David's second time as a runner-up; his first was on American Idol in 2008

This is David’s second time as a runner-up; his first was on American Idol in 2008

Bishop Briggs, who was behind the Medusa mask, was crowned winner of the singing competition

Bishop Briggs, who was behind the Medusa mask, was crowned winner of the singing competition

Some commented that they were ‘never watching this show again,’ and another added: ‘Done with this show. Fixed.’

Fans who grew up on American Idol, which originally aired on Fox as well, got flashbacks to 2008 when David was also named runner-up on that show. Singer David Cook won that year.

On person wrote: ‘It’s a hate crime that David Archuleta got second place again to a not as good singer/performer.’

Another added: ‘Literally the worst, most anti-climatic season of #MaskedSinger ever. David got robbed!’

A social media user accused the show of ‘set-ups,’ saying: ‘David Archuleta gave a clean, powerful vocal performance. 

‘He should’ve won tonight! I feel like this season was kinda set up for Medusa to win tho… even when others clearly out sang her, they kept her on. Sumthin is not adding up….’ 

The Masked Singer viewers were also not a fan of Medusa’s singing, adding: ‘Apparently screeching and screaming wins you the golden mask…’

Not only were fans angered by Wednesday night’s results, but they also brought attention to the negative flashbacks that came from David getting runner-up on American Idol.

The sad throwback nostalgia provoked David’s fans to defend him even more. 

Fans reacted by writing: ‘FOX really have the audacity, to deny David Archuleta yet another singing competition win…its 2008 all over again.’

Another person added: ‘You did this to torture David Archuleta again, and that’s not cool at all.’ 

Viewers also brought their wrath and comedic relief to memes and captions online. 

After David performed and revealed his face, he gave an emotional speech about his experience being Macaw, and his personal LGBTQ+ journey, that left many in tears.

‘Being Macaw has felt liberating. Coming out felt liberating, and it is scary. I grew up very religious. It was a huge part of my life. And I believed that if I lived the way, like being queer, that I was going to be evil,’ he shared.

‘So I worked really hard to be anything but that … I thought, “Maybe it’s better if I’m not here,”‘ he went on.

‘But I realized I can’t change this. So if anyone else has grown up, you know, feeling like they were bad just because of who they are attracted to and who they loved, I want you to know that it is worth taking the courage to show your true colors.’

‘It’s scary. But you’re worth it. You matter, and it’s so beautiful,’ he said as the crowd applauded.

Despite David not winning the singing competition itself, fans quickly took to his Instagram to let him know that he was their true ‘winner,’ due to his transparent, courageous and resilient speech.

One person wrote: ‘Through your honesty and openness, sharing your journey, you are saving lives. I have no doubt about it, and that to me seems like a win.’

Another added: ‘I have no words to describe what I felt watching you every time you were on stage. You gave me chills every single time. You are so beautiful inside and out . I cried like a baby with your speech. You’re the winner in many of our eyes!’

David’s Instagram currently only has three posts. One is his headshot with the caption: ‘Things are looking up. Look out for an announcement coming soon.’ 

The second post features his song’s single cover that looks Macaw-like, with a blurry pic of a colorful and holographic bird flying, and the caption: ‘Up – June Second – new single available for pre-save at midnight tonight ET.’