The moment Jarrod Woodgate is dumped by Sophie Monk

Vineyard manager Jarrod Woodgate has been infatuated with Sophie Monk from week one.

But on Thursday night’s finale, the Bachelorette let go of her ‘stage five clinger’ to choose rival Stu Laundy.

The 31-year-old was the first to greet host Osher Gunsberg, cementing his fate as the undesirable runner-up as ominous music played.

‘I’m so emotional, because I know I’m gonna be happy but I’m gonna break someone’s heart… ..and I know what that feels like,’ Sophie said with 

Jarrod, appearing confident, was all smiles as he said: ‘This is everything. This is the moment. I’m about to find out whether or not Sophie wants me with her for the rest of her life. You know, I’d love to sail into the sunset with Sophie now and…never return.’

Sophie’s eyes were watery as she praised the bachelor: ‘You’re so selfless. And you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Ever. I feel like you’ve always just been here for me. Like, through everything, you’ve had no intentions but to look after me. You’re truly one of the most caring, thoughtful, kind men I’ve ever met.’

On the brink of tears, Sophie said: ‘In my head, you’re everything I’ve been looking for. Absolutely everything… but my heart belongs to someone else.’

Jarrod couldn’t contain his disappointment as he teared up and wiped his eyes.

He avoided eye contact with Sophie, sighing as he admitted: ‘Wow. I didn’t know what to think, coming into today, but I didn’t expect that.’

Composing himself, he sniffled and thanked Sophie for their short-lived romance: ‘Every moment we had together, all the memories and the journey that we’ve done and… regrets whatsoever in any of this. You’ve just helped me become a better person in this whole journey, and… I thank you for that.’

A deflated Jarrod