The Most Interesting Indie Games 2022

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Indie games are among the gaming products that every gamer should play. Short for independent video games, they are products usually created by smaller development teams or individuals who do not have large game publishers’ technical or financial support.

There are plenty of reasons to play these innovative games, such as:

  • They offer a wide variety of genres
  • The games are affordable
  • Gamers have more direct developer access
  • Most games have short experiences that players find appealing
  • The quality of the gaming products is always first-rate

With this in mind, check out the most exciting indie titles that should be on your 2022 playlist.


When in the mood for a fantastic party game, SpiderHeck is the title to pick.

Two to four players get the chance to control a spider that has the unique ability to crawl and jump along the game’s 2D surfaces. The aim is to get the minibeast to take out all the other spiders by stabbing, scrambling, and slinging your way to victory.

Gamers also have access to an arsenal containing lightsabers, bombs, and guns that help with the war.

The varying levels of the title keep things interesting, while the bass-heavy club tunes keep players entertained. The game published by tinyBuild was developed by Neverjam. It is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, and Xbox Series X|S.

Nobody Saves the World

Action lovers will instantly be obsessed with Nobody Saves the World. The spectacular game offers a new twist to the genre where you become a titular Nobody who can shapeshift into a

  • Ranger
  • Rat
  • Egg
  • Horse
  • Zombies and many more characters.

Players are tasked with the duty of completing puzzles, unlocking upgrades, and, most importantly, trying to defeat the Calamity that has struck the land. Thanks to the game’s excellent mechanics and trademark humor, the Drinkbox Studios creation immerses you in a compulsive experience.


Very few indie games are as impressive as Tunic. The title gives gamers a chance to learn stuff as they go in an inventive yet straightforward manner.

The action-packed adventure title allows the player to maneuver as a small sly fox. Armed with curiosity and stranded in ruined lands, you will collect power and strange items, confront colossal beasts, and unravel secrets.

Andrew Shouldice developed Tunic. He said he got inspiration from classic triangle-seeking games.

One of the aspects that sets the game apart is that you get to reconstruct the title’s instruction manual during your travels. It enables you to reveal tips, maps, and special techniques that can make you a legend.


A 3D pet simulation game, Wobbledogs is a funny game that sees players raise a series of unsteady and mutating doggos.

These are not your ordinary canines but pups that physically mutate because a simulated genetic system controls them. Their diet fills the pet’s gut with flowers that determine the mutations permitting you to mold and craft them into your idea of the perfect mutt.

It is an incredible experience for players of all ages looking to care for virtual pets.

The game offers a relaxed gaming environment that requires minimal input as long as the dogs have food, entertainment, and sleep. It is the perfect game for gamers looking to spend a few hours being silly and unwinding without too much pressure.


One of the most enjoyable indies, Slipstream is inspired by cars, visuals, music, and games from the 80s and 90s.

It is built with unique graphics, and an authentic retro feels, beautifully blending the allure of the nineties era while keeping up with the demands of modern-day racing fans.

The race happens across exotic locations from all over the globe, including mountains, deserts, beaches, and cities.

Slipstreaming and drifting mechanics give the game fantastic depth intensifying gameplay because it results in a challenging yet exciting experience. The brainchild of Sandro Luiz, a Brazilian solo developer, features to enjoy with this title include:

  • The authentic 3D game engine
  • Six game mode
  • 20 different tracks
  • Original soundtrack with nine exclusive songs with the option of adding your music
  • Five car models, each with its playstyle and specs
  • The possibility of personalizing the game’s visuals, including NTSC filters, CRT, and 30fps mode.

Closing Remarks

The indies world continues to deliver diverse, creative, and fun experiences that capture your imagination. Be sure to add the games above to your 2022 wish list, and you can be assured that they will be worth your time.