The Northern Side: 5 Facts About North Korea’s Supreme Leader

Most of the time, when people talk about Korea, they often focus on Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. They also talk about famous k-pop artists such as Twice, BTS, and Blackpink. When it comes to cuisine, Kimchi from Korea is always a staple. However, most people tend to forget that another Korea is on the northern side of the peninsula. Yes, there is another Korea, North Korea, to be precise.

Residents and the dear leader of North Korea don’t consider their country, also known as DPRK or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, to be “another” Korea.

They believe that there is only one Korea and that South Korea is another impostor run by foreigners. Hailed as one of the most powerful leaders in the world, Kim Jong-un is feared and, for the same reason, revered as a God in North Korea.

Because of his family’s totalitarian rule, many people from the outside world consider North Korea an outcast to the world’s changing times. North Korea has its own unique culture and “seemingly” void of foreign inspirations. Though secretive as the nation and its leader is, here are some facts about one of the most powerful dictators in the world, Kim Jong-un.

Being a Relative to the Supreme Leader Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

Kim Jong-un is one of the most feared leaders in the world, and for a good reason. Aside from having an iron-clad grip on North Korea, he is known to be a strict ruler. The slightest sign of treachery from any of his allies, even if they are related, can mean certain doom for the accused.

This action would be proven to the whole world when Kim Jong-Un ordered the execution of his own uncle, Jang Song-thaek. Along with Kim Chol, Ri Yong-ho, Jon Yong-jin, and Ri Kwang-gon, the supreme leader ordered them executed by firing squad. This act is certainly one of the most chilling Kim Jong Un facts that you’ll surely have nightmares from.

In another story, the supreme leader and the North Korean Regime was also accused of assassinating Kim Jong-nam. Kim Jong-nam is Kim Jong-un’s half-brother and was considered at one time, a successor to the North.

The assassination took place in an airport in Malaysia. In a scene fresh out from Hollywood, two female assassins reportedly splashed a toxic substance to his face. Kim Jong-nam died in the ambulance before he could reach a hospital.

The Rocket Man

In recent news, the POTUS or the President of the United States, Donald Trump, called the supreme leader “Rocket Man.” The name was a reference for Kim Jong-un’s eagerness to test-fire ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. Although some might find the name a cool one, North Koreans took offense and called the POTUS a dotard.

Chol-Pak and Pak-Chol

It’s a known fact that during his youth, the supreme leader was sent by his father Kim Jong-il to Switzerland to study. According to reliable sources, Kim Jong-un hid his true identity by using Chol-Pak or Pak-Chol as his name. The supreme leader then went to school in a prestigious international school of Berne in Gümligen, Switzerland.

Many of Kim Jong-un’s classmates from Berne still recognize the great leader. Some of them even say that as Pak-Chol, the great leader was more interested in sports than politics. He was also shy and didn’t do so well when it came to academics. Despite his quiet and low-profile stay in Switzerland, his classmates remember him as a guy that was easy to get along with.

Fake Death, Fake News

A few months into 2020, numerous sources, including those from credible ones, firmly believed that Kim Jong-un was dead or was dying because of heart failure. To make matters worse, the pandemic broke out a few months after, seemingly making it hard for the North Korean regime to facilitate proper care for their “dying” leader.

As soon as news broke out, people all over the world jumped for joy because they possibly saw the end of a dictatorship. Political experts also rounded up a list of possible candidates to replace the supreme leader. However, everyone was shocked to see that North Korea and the CIA reported that Kim Jong-un was alive and well.

According to inside sources, Kim Jong-un welcomed the rumor of his ailing condition to see who among his loyal officials would break and assume leadership. It certainly didn’t end well for those who wished ill fortune on the supreme leader.

He Has a Popular Sister

As mentioned above, political experts presented numerous North Korean officials who were to take the leadership role should Kim Jong-un die. One of those officials was Kim Yo-jong. Kim Yo-jong is the dear leader’s younger sister, and many thought it would make sense for her to take her brother’s place.

Although met with positive reactions, Kim Yo-jong did not assume the title of the supreme leader at all. In fact, she was in on the rumors with the supreme leader to help them track down any disloyal officials within their ranks.

Despite the criticism, a lot of people were mesmerized by Kim Yo-jong’s beauty and aura. Some even made fancams of her. There’s even a famous cartoon depiction of a beautiful Kim Yo-jong standing side by side with the equally gorgeous Natalia Poklonskaya, a major-general from Russia.