The Pittsburgh Sportsbook : Why I Choose Parx Casino

Parx Casino: The Largest Pittsburgh Sportsbook of its Kind!

Someone has to maintain the bets when the crowd is excited and putting their money into live sports. Keeping a tally of these wins and loses are important to getting your winnings paid out. Here’s where a bit of help comes in handy. The legal standing of Parx Casino gives you a sportsbook to rely on for gambling in the state of Pennsylvania.

You may already know; the Parx Casino is central to horse racing.

Its Pittsburgh Sportsbook for horse racing is one that now extends into wider services and more sport options. What people come to see at Parx Casino are the live races with a chance to play the odds. Quite a number of people were made rich from horses over the years. Real thoroughbreds and competitive jockeys are displayed in a stunning environment where the experience brings people together. There’s a lot to expect from the presentation, and horses are only part of it. The number of bets and the timely payouts make Parx Casino a regular destination in Pennsylvania.

Why Parx Casino Pittsburgh Sportsbook Stands Out

Parx Casino stands out due to its full-service package. It’s not enough to cash out at the end of the day. The day you had prior to its end should be filled with excitement, and there are a few reasons why Parx Casino can deliver on this promise. Here’s what makes the casino stand out:

Live Entertainment

We can all respect the work that local artists do to build their sound and to entertain their locale. Parx Casino takes live entertainment one step further by booking traveling artists and musicians with an international standing. This is professional music at its most competitive level.


Everyone’s time at the casino differs. Some spend the entire day playing their favorite games and piling up chips. Others only plan a few hours or a few minutes at a time. The casino’s food is available no matter how you plan your day, and you have the option of something fast or something more elegant with a five-star appeal.


Jackpot winners are a big deal to the health of a casino. We should all be skeptical of casinos that don’t boast about their winning leaders. Jackpots are provided by Parx Casino for this very reason. You stand a chance of hitting a major take-away as long as you’re actively playing. You can then visit the casino’s website to stay on top who recent winners are and how much they take home.

Sports and Casino Games

Alongside its spectacular horse-racing shows, Parx Casino mixes in a large selection of casino games with their live betting options. Those live betting options include sport-waging to work with leagues like the NFL, NHL and the MLB. Your traditional casino games include blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines.

Online Promotions

It’s a good idea to start your membership with a simple online account now. The casino hosts new promotions every week, and you have to stay on top of the deals to really maximize on them. These bonuses increase common jackpots, give away free turns and allow you to win more per bet during special hours and occasions.

The moment you sign up with Parx Casino, you can expect the following from its Pittsburgh Sportsbook:

*A Digital-Mobile Platform
*Wireless Payment Options
*Endless Sport Events
*On-Site Security 24-Hours Daily