The quickest way to peel potatoes revealed

  • Engineer Howard Taylor, of Gloucs, came up with the ingenious life hack
  • He spears potatoes and then peels them as they rotate in captivating video
  • The chore takes seconds but Howard warns cooks to clean the drill first 

Peeling potatoes is one of the most laborious chores as it can take a surprisingly long time if you’re only using a peeler.

But a Youtube star has discovered an ingenious life hack that will peel your spuds in seconds – by using a drill.

Howard Taylor, a precision engineer from Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, inserts the drill into a potato and peels it as it rotates at speed.

The trick peels off the skin in a flash.

They then peel them as they quickly rotate

The Youtube stars had the idea of using a drill to spear potatoes and then peel them as they quickly rotate

Howard runs a YouTube channel called Dubious Engineering, aimed at educating people on all things engineering in a humorous way.

He and his friend were looking to make some mashed potato for lunch when they came up with the clever hack for peeling spuds. 

Howard said: ‘We were using the drill to make some holes in the plastic casing of a vintage toy called a BigTrack.

The video shows how the pair peel potatoes in seconds before your eyes

Make sure you keep your hands away from the drill however as it could be dangerous

The video shows how the pair peel potatoes in seconds before your eyes by using a drill

‘I had bought some meatballs and we needed some mashed potatoes to eat with it and fast.’

It was then that the pair came up with the idea of using a drill. 

He added: ‘If someone was to use this technique themselves, I would suggest the peeling happens over a big bin, and the wood-drill-bit is thoroughly cleaned to make sure you are not introducing any contaminants into the potatoes.

‘That said, it was hilariously good fun and 2kg of potatoes were peeled in seconds instead of minutes.’

Howard set up his channel five years ago and he now has over 800 subscribers.