The REAL reason behind aspiring DJ’s in-flight tantrum on Jetstar plane is revealed – as he admits to endangering the safety of an aircraft


An aspiring DJ verbally abused two crying children during a Jetstar flight’s safety demonstration in scenes so distressing the plane turned around on the runway and a traumatised flight attendant couldn’t continue working.

Ryan Martin, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday to endangering the safety of an aircraft after Australian Federal Police had to forcibly remove him from flight JQ402 at Sydney Airport on Saturday, September 16. 

Martin, who works at a tobacconist, was on a flight home to the Gold Coast after visiting Sydney for a DJ gig when he suddenly began threatening and swearing at several children on board, court facts show. 

The viral confrontation sparked a two-hour-plus delay for passengers as cops were called to the scene and the ‘traumatised’ air hostess who initially tried to intervene went home and had to be replaced.

Court documents exclusively obtained by Daily Mail Australia reveal Martin’s horrendous – and unprovoked – behaviour onboard the flight.

Ryan Martin, 25 (pictured) has admitted to endangering a Jetstar flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast

According to police facts, the plane was taxiing around the tarmac and preparing for take-off when Martin, ‘for a reason unknown’, began swearing at a young crying child sitting next to their mother six rows in front of him.

At the time, airline staff were in the middle of an in-flight safety demonstration but were forced to stop because Martin was ‘swearing profusely’ and being ‘aggressive’.

The customer service manager approached Martin and tried to intervene, but Martin continued to verbally abuse the child and mother.

Amid the commotion, another child seated next to their mother in the row right in front of Martin began to cry.

Martin then turned his attention to that mum and child, firing off a second round of threats.

Concerned for the aircraft’s safety, the pilot turned the plane around on the runway and returned to the terminal, where AFP officers boarded and asked Martin to leave.

Martin, an aspiring DJ, works in a tobacconist store in Queensland

Martin, an aspiring DJ, works in a tobacconist store in Queensland

But he refused to get off the plane, with footage showing Martin declaring: ‘I’m not going anywhere, I’ve got work in f**ing six hours on the Gold Coast.’ 

The officers had to unclip Martin’s seatbelt and drag him away as he protested: ‘Get your hands off me, I will get up [on my own]. That’s harassment. Get off me. I will walk.’

The saga lasted about 30 minutes, with all passengers subsequently forced to disembark.

The flight’s ‘distressed’ customer service manager was stood down for the flight and replaced by an on-call manager.

Martin was taken to Mascot Police Station where he was charged over the incident.

Facing Sydney’s Downing Centre Court on Monday, Martin, who has no previous criminal record in NSW, escaped conviction, with Magistrate Ian Guy instead slapping him with a $500 fine and two-year good behaviour bond.

Daily Mail Australia understands Martin has also been banned from flying with Jetstar or Qantas for 18 months. 

Witnesses previously claimed they had heard Martin shouting at the mother and threatening to ‘get her’ once the plane landed in Queensland.

Martin, who has a social media page dedicated to his DJing pursuits under his stage name ‘MVRTO’ where he describes himself as an ‘entrepreneur’, admitted to Daily Mail Australia last month what he said was ‘along those lines’.

However, he claimed the situation had been ‘blown out of proportion’. 

The maximum penalty for endangering the safety of an aircraft is 10 years in jail.

Martin declined to comment further when Daily Mail Australia asked him on Thursday if he was sorry about what happened.

Martin created a page dedicated to his music producing pursuits, under the moniker MVRTO

Martin created a page dedicated to his music producing pursuits, under the moniker MVRTO