The referee made the RIGHT call in awarding Man Utd a penalty

The referee made the RIGHT call in awarding Man United a penalty… he applied the laws but it was not a deliberate handball and it’s easy to understand why PSG were furious

Let’s be clear, the referee has made the right decision in awarding Manchester United their late penalty following the handball by Presnel Kimpembe – he has applied the laws as UEFA wish them to be.

But PSG will be furious, and I understand why. This, for me, should not be a penalty, it is not a deliberate handball. In the Premier League over the years this would never have been given as a penalty.

It has been given because of UEFA’s recent instruction to referees, which came about after Manchester City conceded a similar penalty at Schalke last month. 

They want referees to give handball when the arm is out and is in a non-natural position, and to that end the referee has been consistent here.

However, he has watched a slow-motion replay of the incident and, when it comes to handball, it always looks worse when slowed down.

I would always want to watch a handball claim in a real-time replay. Do that here and it’s never a penalty, the player is turning away and trying to withdraw his arm away from the ball.