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The Role Of Technology In Modern Day Care Homes: How Can Has It Improved Safety?

When looking at the care of elderly residents, it is clear to see that it has changed substantially over the years. But with many more technological advancements being made, how can it continue to change as we advance further into the digital era? To help you understand how technology has improved the social care industry, we will be providing you with insight into the role of modern-day technology within care homes.

Reduced The Risk Of Injury

One of the biggest benefits to come from the use of technology in a number of leading care homes is the reduced risk of injury. With the use of hoists, chair lifts and even moveable beds, there is less work being done by the cares that could lead to back injuries. This is also a huge benefit to those care homes that are understaffed as technology reduces the need for as many carers to do one job.

Improved Comfort For Residents

In addition to reducing the risk of injury, the technology within several care homes Hemel Hempstead has also allowed for a higher level of comfort for the residents that are living there. With a bed that you can move and armchairs that can also be moved with remote control, you can rest assured that your loved ones are cared for when living in this care home. In addition, several care homes are using this level of technology to provide rehabilitation to those that need it.

Reporting Made Easier Than Ever Before

Technology has also helped to improve the reporting process of a modern care home. Whether it is an emergency that needs to be reported or a report of the medication that needs to be taken daily, the use of technology has streamlined this process for staff, allowing them to spend more time providing care to the residents that need it. This has also improved safety as a whole as it has allowed personal data to be stored in a secure location without the risk of it being stolen or hacked into.

Transport Can Be Booked For Hospital Visits

The final way that technology has improved safety is the way that it has allowed for transport to be booked. Whether this is transport to a hospital appoint or to a doctor’s appointment, this will enable your loved one to be transported smoothly from place to place without risk to their health or to the carers that are working to look after them. With transport being booked either over the computer or over the phone, this has helped to speed up the whole process whilst streamlining everything that needs to be done throughout the day making life much easier for everyone.

With this in mind, there are several ways that technology has continued to revolutionise the way that we care for elderly residents in our society. How do you think that this will change in the next 10 years?


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