The Spirit of Dubai: Best Fragrances

An excellent source of inspiration. It’s time to party. Tributes. The Spirit of Dubai, a new range of luxury perfumes from Nabeel Perfumes, is set to begin authoring a new chapter in the company’s history.

Inspired by the city of ‘Dubai,’ which has a diverse landscape, and fascinating contrasts between old tradition and modern pleasures.

15 scents have been produced by master perfumer Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the honorary chairman of the company. There are only eight scents in the “First Generation” Niche Collection.

The City of Dubai’s undulating beaches, skyscrapers, and reputation as a playground for the affluent and famous are all represented in the idea, presentation, and aroma of each fragrance.

The ‘Second Generation of seven perfumes will be released in the coming months.

Innovative, world-class quality, luxury, utmost creativity, and craftsmanship are the driving forces behind Dubai’s flourishing city. ‘One’ notable element of the city is captured in each of these 15 scents.

Here are some extraordinary fragrances of the Dubai of spirit.


In a world dominated by water, the landmass is known as Aamal the best Spirit of Dubai stands out as a ray of light, a haven where people may find peace.

On a globe, the location of Aamal, the center of the world, is indicated by a sparkling crystal, which is a symbol of both riches and invention.

In the warm and inviting aroma of Aamal, bergamot and Bulgarian rose Bulgarian are supported by amber, while saffron rounds out the composition.


When Antar gets back, the legendary horse Abjar will already be cast in gold and waiting for him.

Their exploit will be recorded in the annals of history for all eternity. The word “Abjar” conjures up images of a bygone period when the air was heavy with the aromas of amber, cedarwood, and labdanum.

You have whisked away to a more daring and exciting time in your past as you inhale the aroma of leather, tobacco, fresh woody notes, and Indian agarwood oil.


From his vantage point up above the atmosphere, Baz looks down at us. The falcon, seen here in his regal metal form, is the undisputed master of the air. Before going on an adventure with Baz, you should settle your nerves and take a few deep breaths.

Your sense of smell is assaulted by the aromas of smoked olibanum, vetiver, labdanum, and Indian agarwood oil, in addition to the odor of leather from a falcon.


There is no need for you to go inside the Diwan. Upon entering the Mabkhara, you are greeted by the enticing scent of bakhoor. This is a great example of the royal hospitality that Dubai is famed for, and it’s only one of many.

Incense, ubar luban, and frankincense are burned in the Diwan to provide a calm counterbalance to the robust coffee fragrances. Frankincense also contributes to a feeling of openness and harmony in the room.


The silver shell opens up little by little, exposing the treasure that was hidden within. The pristine pearl comes from the depths of the ocean and has not been touched by human hands in any way.

Everything that mother nature has made is of the greatest possible standard.

You feel as if you’ve been whisked away to another universe as the deep, powerful tones of the ocean wash over you and call you to go on an adventure. As you get closer, smells begin to evoke specific recollections.

A powerful fragrance that is earthy and reminiscent of wood. amber, leather, vanilla, and vetiver, with a touch of damp amber in the background. The Durra is sitting there, awaiting your discovery of it.