The Super Sus Imposter Squad: A Guide to Their Stealthy Skills

It’s time for the Imposters to shine! Our previous Super Sus roles guide focused on the Spacecrew and Neutral roles. This time, let’s take a look at the Super Sus Imposters and their skills!

If you’re new to the game or need a quick Imposter guide, this list will include all current Imposter roles and info on what they can do. Do note that some of these roles are not free and will need you to top up Super Sus Golden Star to your account. Ready to meet the Imposter gang?

Super Sus Impostor Roles

All Super Sus Impostor roles have to eliminate all space crew members to win. Here are all the Impostor roles arranged alphabetically.

BlackJack: As a BlackJack, “high risk, high reward” is your game! Guess a player’s role during voting. If you’re right, they’ll be eliminated, but guess wrong and you’ll be out.

Bounty Hunter: Bounties are everything for you! You’ll be given one bounty target every 60 seconds. Kill your target to reduce your killing cooldown. But killing the wrong player will increase the cooldown instead. Be careful with your kills!

Chameleon: Like a chameleon, you can cloak yourself to seem invisible to others. However, if you do any actions, the cloak will be gone and you’ll reveal yourself!

Conjurer: Send curses to other players that can eliminate them after a set time. But you gotta sneakily curse because others can easily see you when you do it.

Dementor: Nope, you’re not a Harry Potter character, but you can reincarnate into the body of an eliminated player. If you do reincarnate, you’ll only be able to kill one more player after, so make it count.

Flashbang: Your flashbang bombs can blind other players. But be careful, you can blind your fellow Impostors too.

Impostor: This is the original Super Sus baddie. You might not have any fancy-schmancy skills, but it’s a classic for a reason. Strike fear and confusion by sabotaging tasks. Travel through vents to avoid suspicion. Gotta be sneaky!

Janitor: You’re an Impostor support player by disposing of the bodies of eliminated players. You can only start eliminating players if you’re the last Impostor left.

Ninja: After you mark a player with your shuriken, you can blink or teleport to them from anywhere on the map to eliminate them and then become invisible so you can escape.

Puppeteer: Make other players do your bidding by turning them into your puppets! You can control your fellow crewmates and make them attack others for you.

Spy: You can disguise yourself as another role for 10 seconds. The downside is you can’t use any vents. Otherwise, you’d be too OP, dude.

Undertaker: After eliminating a player, you can carry and move the body elsewhere. You can frame others this way, but make sure no one sees you because they can still report the body.

Vigiler: Vents and warps are your bread and butter. You can warp from one vent to another, which can be used for surprise attacks.

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