The Thermos Light and Compact Flask is now on sale on Amazon

‘No leaks and piping hot for hours. Perfect’: You can now save 48% on the Thermos Light and Compact Flask

When it comes to insulted flasks, Thermos is the name to know. If traditional flasks feel too weighty or cumbersome, then you might be interested to learn of the Thermos Light and Compact series.

Combining a sleek, lightweight design with maximum heat performance technology, it is a seriously worthwhile investment, particularly in the cooler months. 

What’s more, you can now save up to 48 per cent on the Thermos Light and Compact Flask, 350 ml on Amazon. Currently just £11.89 or £14.29 for the 500ml, the flask is not only a bargain but it’s sure to save you even more on takeaway coffee cups. 

The Thermos Light and Compact Flask, 350 ml is now on sale for just £11.89 – a saving of £11.10 

With over 1,000 reviews and an impressive average score of 4.7 out of 5, the Thermos Light and Compact Flask is a popular choice with Amazon shoppers. 

There are myriad of ways to use a Thermos, but it really comes into its own in autumn and winter when you’re looking to keep your hot drinks hot for longer. From commutes to winter walks, the office to the golf course, the Thermos Light and Compact Flask is a super handy and reusable companion. 

The 350ml flask weighs just 0.31kg so it is a particular hit among outdoor enthusiasts and those constantly on the move. 

While the 350ml may not be the best for tea drinkers, this size has been popular with Amazon shoppers with a love of smaller, stronger coffee. 

One wrote in their review: ‘Before finding this thermos, I always had flasks that were just too big, meaning that I would have to often only fill them halfway and the heat would not be retained for as long as well as being a waste of space. This little flask is perfect in size.’ 

If you need something a little bigger, however, then the flask also comes in a 500ml and 1-litre size that are both currently on sale too. 

Like all Thermos products, the flask gives serious impressive results. Designed with the Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, it will keep your coffee, tea or whatever hot beverage you like hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. 

The Thermos Light and Compact Flask, Midnight Blue, 350 ml

The Thermos Light and Compact Flask, Stainless Steel, 500 ml

The Thermos Light and Compact Flask keeps your drinks hot for 14 hours and cold for 24 hours while the exterior remains cool to touch 

One shopper wrote: ‘This is really well made, keeps coffee hot for several hours, and is easy to pour. It looks good, and fits in most bike bottle racks, although on some, you might need something to stop it rattling or jumping out. Recommended.’  

Another added: ‘Better than the competition. Having owned a number of similar-sized flasks I bought this one as I was sick of leaking flasks with lids that come apart. I have not been disappointed with this flask at all. 

‘It has a nice pour with no annoying run-on of liquid, and it easily keeps my coffee warm for over 12 hours.’ 

The Thermos Light and Compact Flask has also been popular among parents who use the flask to make up formula when on the move.

‘I bought this just for hot water to add to formula while on the go and it was PERFECT,’ one wrote. ‘Honestly the best purchase I made while trying to navigate feeding, bottles etc. 

‘It kept the water hot, lasted ages, poured well and is smaller than most thermos’ as I only needed a few ounces for a day out, so good size for nappy bag.’

Or if you’re heading back to the office and in need of some lunch inspiration, why not fill the Thermos with soup?

‘No leaks and piping hot for hours,’ a reviewer wrote. ‘Perfect. Very happy, no leaks and keeps my tin of soup hot for a good 10 hours’.

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