The Top Secret to Carrying Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is a clothing staple that is popular worldwide as being timeless and versatile. Dating around back to the World War II era, bomber jackets were inspired by military uniforms and since then have taken the fashion world by a storm. Intended to keep the cold at bay, bomber jackets have now become synonymous with style and sophistication, transcending genders across the board.

The bomber jacket has made some leaps and bounds since then, and its evolution has seen it take many shapes and forms. Designers have experimented with various lengths, materials, and styles that are wearable all year around. There are several aspects to contemplate before buying a bomber jacket, mainly revolving around fit, color, fabric, and fastening. It is recommended that you go for the minimalistic ones so that it becomes easier to style them with almost everything in your wardrobe.

How To Style A Bomber Jacket?

The jacket was originally made of leather for keeping pilots warm, and this durable piece of leather did the job incredibly well. Now you can choose from the plenty of fabrics this jacket is available in and style it in as many forms as you can imagine. Here we are breaking it down for you so that it makes it pretty straightforward to choose the one most ideally suited to your personality and vibe.

Vintage style: Going back to the roots does have its appeal, but a genuine leather jacket will cost a lot, so you can opt for a similar design or a high-standard replica. A leather bomber jacket gives off old-school vibes, and pairing it with fitted jeans and boots would be enough to complete the look.

Shearling Flight Jacket: There are few clothing items that can give a luxurious allure one, like the shearling flight jacket. It also originated through military fashion, where fur was used owing to its quality of keeping warm. The fur was then replaced with wool, and the style is quite popular today, whether it’s synthetic or shearling.

The preppy look: It would be quite a shame to let the style and functionality of the shearling jacket go to waste. To maximize its performance, you can pair it with dress pants, pastel-colored shirts, and a scarf to achieve the look akin to Mr.Darcy.

The Tom Hardy look: There are many ways to style the bomber jacket, and the one that we found most interesting was the way Tom Hardy wore it in Dunkirk. The jacket he pulled off was an ultra-modern interpretation of the wartime jacket and entailed all the basic characteristics like the shearling collar, belt fitted waist, front zip, and pockets for functionality. Hit the streets by pairing this bomber jacket with a t-shirt/tank top and some classic black jeans with a chic like those of Hardy.

Suede bomber jacket: You can add a bit of a twist to your outfit by going for a suede jacket which may not be the optimal choice during the rainy seasons, but the impact it exudes is undeniable. There are various colors to choose from, such as khaki, brown, off-white, and beige, and pairing them with dress pants creates the perfect traditional look. Other colors such as white, blue, and black give a more modern impression when paired with blue or black jeans.

Try Out Different Colors: Bomber jackets were made more for functionality rather than style, which is why the original colors were standards of brown and black. Things have changed since then, and here are some of the best colors of bomber jackets that you can experiment with to attain a certain style.

White bomber jacket: White may not be the obvious choice, but it can be extremely attractive when worn correctly. It goes with almost anything but pairs it with darker shades for a striking contrast.

Red bomber jacket: Make use of the red bomber jacket to become the center of attraction without seeming obvious or going overboard. Remember to pair the red jacket with a somber outfit and with stripes to balance the look.

Green bomber jacket: Shades of green are a favorite amongst most of the population, especially olive green since they offer the aesthetic appeal of a smart casual style. Even though they are enough to create a statement on their own, pairing them with neutral-colored chinos will give off a more flattering look.

Unconventional colors: Most people tend to stay away from colors such as pink and orange but if you think they will work for you, and then give it a try!

When to wear a bomber jacket?

Choosing when to wear a bomber jacket is of the essence, which means understanding where you are going and what you will be doing. Commonly bomber jackets work for every occasion ranging from casual to formal occasions. You just need to choose the pieces you will pair with your jacket and make sure that the style you want is achieved effortlessly.

In conclusion, bomber jackets are the jackets that rule all other jackets. It is outerwear that is flexible and can be worn in countless ways. With proper investment, it can last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. To make the most of it, make sure that it fits you extremely well and also that the rest of your wardrobe goes with the jacket of your choice.