The Top Technical Skills for 2022

Most In-Demand Skills in the IT Industry

In this digital era or the era of technology, the evolution of technology is taking place at an overwhelming rate.

The evolution is geared further by the pandemic (which still continues to scare people across the globe), which has forced professionals to rewrite the rules and turned the job market into a swing.

The meteoric advent of new technologies has made it crucial for IT pros to obtain specific knowledge and upskill themselves with technical skills.

To acquire a competitive edge and strive in your IT profession, you should work on some of the top technical skills to function well. Let’s discuss the top technical skills that you can choose to acquire in order to stay on the top regardless of your profile.

According to a report by Cyberstates, the skills are categorized into four pillars around the IT framework:

  • Security
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Data

Each component characterizes different levels of skills that you can acquire to achieve your IT goal.


Risk Analysis: it includes assessing risks and weaknesses that can harm your company.

Since cybercrimes are taking place faster than ever, it is important to be capable of identifying risks, analyzing them, and coming up with an effective solution to eliminating those.

Pen Testing: Penetration Testing enables you to find out vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker does. It is though rendered as an offensive strategy, it is crucial to perform the testing in order to secure the sensitive information.

Cybersecurity Analytics: when providing information security becomes a task of utmost importance, cybersecurity analytics has to be performed.

With the massive increase in the number of cyber crimes taking place in this cloudy environment, cybersecurity analytics include data modeling, risk analysis, intrusion detection, and response.

Compliance: the actions of complying with the regulations are referred to as compliance. The concepts of compliance are applicable in many aspects of cybersecurity tasks.


Networking: since everything related to IT starts with networking, this is the most essential skill you need to acquire to strive in this industry. A skilled IT professional is supposed to know the technology of computer networking very well.

Cloud Computing: almost everything is on the cloud at present, and the remaining things will soon be in the cloud as well. The demand for cloud professionals is increasing massively.

The top cloud computing skills include configuration and deployment, security, troubleshooting, and management are essential for you to master. So these skills cover the analysis, maintenance, and deployment of popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Linux: This year companies are looking for professionals specifically trained in working with Linux operating system.

It includes the installation and configuration of workstations, basic maintenance, understanding, and networking of the Linux command lines.

Tech Support: Being able to provide tech support can be the best part of your IT career.

You are required to hone the skills of problem-solving and troubleshooting to make a solid foundation of technologies that work behind the scenes of some major applications.


Programming Languages: an IT career necessarily means you should acquire at least the basic knowledge of some popular programming languages, though many IT job roles require an in-depth understanding of the same.

Some of the top skills in almost every IT job role include the knowledge of Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and more.

Machine Learning: to excel in the field of computer science fundamentals, system design, software engineering, and programming, you need to acquire the knowledge and skills in machine learning.

User Experience (UX): to improve customer acquisition and retention, increase productivity, and also decrease support costs, it is important to have a proper UX design.

These are some of the aspects that every company strives to achieve in order to create an impressive bottom line.

You can learn UX design which includes knowledge of visual design skills, research target markets, coding, as well as project management skills.

Mobile Application Skills: A majority of organizations are employing mobile applications to improve their reach to customers.

It is crucial to understand API (Application Programming Interface) development platforms and also cross-platform development frameworks so that you can create robust solutions for your organizations.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance professionals are always in demand because they can identify opportunities and issues in products created by factories and business processes.

These professionals are generally involved in reducing errors and vulnerabilities.

Data and Analytics

Data Analytics: An IT professional highly skilled in data analytics is capable of analyzing huge data sets and drawing conclusions to help organizations in making informed decisions.

To strengthen your analytics skill set, you can work on your machine learning as well as coding skills.

Database Administration: When you need to configure and maintain the database management system, the training in database management enables you to manage all the aspects of a well-defined database environment.

For efficient database administration, you need to possess an in-depth knowledge of programming languages that are highly used in this domain, such as Structured Query Language or SQL.

It is the lingua franca of relational databases that allows you to structure and manage these databases.

Data Science: it is impossible to discuss data without the mention of data science which is rendered the ‘hottest job of the 21st century.’ organizations readily hire professionals who are capable of interpreting raw data and transforming it into a user-readable format to help data analysts in smart decision-making.

You should be proficient in some programming languages such as Python, R, and Java.

 Data Visualization: If you know how to analyze the data and don’t know how to come up with impressive reports, all of your efforts will go in vain.

You have to be skilled in coming up with such reports that tell a compelling story to your stakeholders and other concerned professionals. So, you need to possess strong data visualization skills in order to work with the data.

Big Data: everything is now referred to as Big Data. To strive in an era of Big Data, it is crucial to possess data visualization, manipulation, and data handling skills in 2022.


Now that you have gone through the tech skills that are crucial to master in 2022, you will be wondering how to acquire some of these skills.

You only need to decide on which of the four pillars you want to make your career in and just go with an online training course.

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