The ultimate guide on playing safely in decentralized casinos

Safety should always be your number one priority when using any gambling platform.

Because what is the point of playing a casino game with real money in hopes of winning a prize but compromising your security in the process, leaving you exposed to cyber criminals? No point, right?

As such, it’s essential whichever gambling platform you use; you are safe.

The advancement of technology has made things a lot easier to be safe at a decentralized casino. With features like SSL encryption, top-notch firewall, and cryptocurrency, players can engage with their favorite games and not worry about their safety.

If you’re concerned about your safety on a decentralized gambling platform, below are five steps to protect yourself.

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

Firstly, you must create a secure crypto wallet to use a decentralized casino. When it comes to crypto wallets, there is a long list of options you have to choose from. In most cases, people opt for a hot or software crypto wallet because of the convenience and ease of accessing it whenever.

But, if you want more security, you can opt for a cold or hardware crypto wallet.

The difference between the two is that a hot crypto wallet saves your token on the web, whereas a cold wallet saves your token on a device offline. Both are great, offering different advantages and disadvantages, but you must get a wallet specially for your gambling activities.

Step 2: Find a decentralized casino

After sorting out the issue of getting a wallet, which should take you only a few minutes to figure out, you must take a moment to find a reliable decentralized casino. You can use many telltale signs to know when a platform is reliable. One of these features is a license.

When it comes to casinos, a license is vital as it tells you that the platform complies with regulatory standards.

Apart from the license, you should also check out the types of security features the platform has in place.

The platform should have a firewall and a system that protects users’ data from leaks. The platform’s reputation also matters as it should give you an impression of how it has performed in the past.

Step 3: Create an account

When you find that perfect decentralized casino, you can register. Creating an account at any decentralized platform is often straightforward, with very little information you are mandated to provide.

Suppose you feel comfortable giving out your personal information. In that case, it’s always better as it makes your account easy for you to verify and retrieve in case of any issue, such as forgetting your password, amongst other things.

So, register with an email address you can access, fill in your phone number, and use a strong password with at least an upper- and lower-case alphabet, a number, and a symbol.

With all things being equal, you should have your account created in less than 10 minutes and ready to start playing your favorite games.

Step 4: Fund your account

If the platform you’re registered on has a demo version game, you should be able to start playing these free games right away from creating your account. But if it doesn’t, you must fund your account to play any game.

Depositing into your account is straightforward as long as you have funds in your crypto wallet. So, first, connect your crypto wallet to your casino account. Click on the deposit page, enter the amount you’d like to deposit and approve it from your crypto wallet.

Step 5: Play your favorite game

With funds in your account, what you need to do next is to find your favorite game and enjoy a delightful time at the decentralized casino.

There is a wide selection of games you can choose from at a decentralized gambling platform, so take your time to decide what appeals most to you. Whether you’re looking to play a live game, slot, or table game, feel free to explore your options.

Conclusively, gambling online can be safe, provided you do due diligence to check out what the platform offers.

While most decentralized casinos are safe, you still need to check them to ensure you are OK with all the policies in place. Read about its license if it has one, check its security features, create a separate crypto wallet to fund your gambling account, and find the perfect game to play.