The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Siding for Your Home

Upgrading the siding on the home or replacing something outdated and damaged gives the opportunity to completely change the look of the home and improve the curb appeal. However, this is not a decision that should be made lightly or quickly.

There are tons of options for siding available today, and all of them have their pros and cons. When comparing different types of siding and choosing the right colors, consider the following.

Make Sure It Will Look Fantastic

When choosing siding for your house, pay attention to colors and style to find something that’s going to look fantastic. This can depend on whether the home is surrounded by nature or if it’s in a city, whether the other homes have different types of siding and other details.

It can take some time to find something that’s perfect, but look at all of the options. It’s well worth the time to go slow and find something that’s going to look fantastic on the home and help improve how it looks. 

Consider the Local Weather

The siding is exposed to the elements, so it can be impacted by the local weather. The sunlight can cause fading over time, meaning at some point it won’t have the bright color it did when it was installed.

Some types of siding will fade faster than others, so keep this in mind for homes that are in full sun. Rain, wind, hail, and other severe weather can also damage siding, so look for types of siding that tend to be more durable and hold up against the elements. 

Check the Pricing Over Time

Don’t just look at how much the siding will cost if it’s installed today. Of course, that is going to make a difference because of how much can be spent at once. Also keep in mind, though, that some types of siding may cost more upfront, but they’re going to last longer and be more resistant to fading or damage.

Something a little more expensive now can be worth it when considering it won’t need to be replaced for many years and will continue to look great. Consider the maintenance required, too, as it can be costly and time-consuming for some types of siding and minimal for others.

Ask About Pet-Resistance

Lots of pests can end up damaging siding over time, especially for those who live in more rural areas. Pests like squirrels can end up causing significant damage, as they may create large holes to try to get inside the home for shelter.

Smaller bugs can eat through certain types of siding. Some types of siding are incredibly vulnerable to pest damage, while others will hold up better in the long run. Consider the types of pests in the local area and the siding needed to protect against them or whether there are other ways to help prevent pest damage.

Choosing the right siding for a home can take some time and there’s a lot to consider.

Before making any decisions, look into the options and speak with a professional to learn more about what works best in the local area and what might be a good fit for the home. Doing so can make it easier to choose the right type and color to ensure the home looks amazing.