The View’s Joy Behar takes aim at Bill Belichick, 72, over romance with Jordon Hudson, 24

The View’s Joy Behar doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of Bill Belichick’s romantic relationship with Jordon Hudson amid their 48-year age difference, pointing out that the former New England Patriots coach will be long dead by the time she’s mid-age.

Highlighting the latest coupling in sports on Friday’s episode of the US TV show, Behar, who shares the same age as her husband and schoolteacher – Steve Janowitz – didn’t hold back on the six-time Super Bowl-winning champion, Belichick. 

‘The girl is hearing wedding bells, but the question is: can he hear them?’ she asked other panelists before comparing the romance to her hypothetically dating 28-year-old actor Timothee Chalamet. 

‘There’s been some female actors who are dating [younger men]. They speak to the older women and say, ”what’s up with that?” She’s 24, she’s having a good time… I’m guessing he takes places she wouldn’t be going on her own. If she’s having fun…’ replied co-host Sarah Haines. 

‘Not in the bedroom he’s not! There’s only so much viagra in this world,’ then joked Behar, 81.

Bill Belichick’s 48-year age gap with his new girlfriend, Jordon Hudson, has raised eyebrows

Nicaraguan-American political strategist and commentator Anna Navaro, who is married to and shares a 24-year age gap with top lobbyist and lawyer Al Cardenas, offered a different point of view from Behar’s, citing several high-profile couples who are of different generations from one another. 

‘I actually disagree with you,’ she said at first. ‘Robert Kraft, who’s the owner of the Patriots and used to be Belichick’s boss, he married a woman 33 years younger. Sarah Paulson is with Holland Taylor, that’s a 32-year age gap.

‘Look at Robert DeNiro, he just had a baby! The issue of whether you can have sex or not at 80 is no longer a question. I would tell you that older men, a lot of the time, are better lovers because they’ve got to work at it more!’ 

The View's Joy Behar, who's born the same year as her husband, said Hudson's in it for the cash

The View’s Joy Behar, who’s born the same year as her husband, said Hudson’s in it for the cash

The former Patriots head coach and Hudson were spotted on the docks of Nantucket this week

The former Patriots head coach and Hudson were spotted on the docks of Nantucket this week

Behar, however, didn’t buy Navarro’s take, pointing out: ‘By the time she’s 48. he’ll be in an urn on a mantle.’

‘And she’ll be rich!’ Navarro replied.

Behar then said: ‘It’s about the cash, come on!’ 

Earlier this week, Belichick and Hudson were spotted on deck boarding his boat in Nantucket. 

On Friday, ESPN’s Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo insisted that he ‘would have a problem’ if he were Hudson’s father.