This £9 face mist will keep you cool during a summer heatwave

Struggling to stay cool in the summer heatwave? Shoppers say this £9 face mist will instantly hydrates and calms skin in hot sticky weather

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Hot spells, muggy nights and sticky heat can feel unbearable during a summer heatwave, especially if you’re prone to excessive sweating or have sensitive skin which irritates easily.

If you can’t sleep at night or have a child struggling with the heat, Amazon shoppers claim this Magicool Cooling Spray will keep you on cool on a hot day, even during boiling heatwaves.

Designed to instantly cool, hydrate and calm skin in all hot weather conditions, the brand describes the colling face mist as ‘your very own air-conditioner in a can’ – no wonder it’s climbing Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list.

 Struggling to keep cool? This hydrating and cooling fact mist from Magicool is like ”your very own air-conditioner in a can’ 

The £8.49 Magicool Instant Cooling Spray can be used on adults, children and even pets. Plus, it helps cool the surrounding air and surfaces too, such as hot seats in a sun-baked car.

It’s ideal for taking with you on a family day out where there might not be much shade, on holiday in a hot country, or even just to have at home when the temperatures rise, particularly if you suffer from prickly heat.

On Amazon, it’s amassed 900 five-star ratings thus far from shoppers who’ve hailed it ‘instant relief’ and ‘the best cooling spray ever,’ saying it ‘helps in hot weather’ when you don’t have air-con and need a refreshing skin boost.

‘This cool spray gave great relief during the heatwave,’ one customer wrote in their five-star review. ‘Friends were amazed at how cool it is and leaves you. This means I need to buy more!’

The £8.49 Magicool Instant Cooling Spray can be used on adults, children and even pets

The £8.49 Magicool Instant Cooling Spray can be used on adults, children and even pets

‘Absolutely fantastic!’ a second shopper commented. ‘The temperature this year has been unbearable, but thanks to this cooling spray, my children can play and sleep comfortably.

‘There are cheaper cooling sprays in the market, but the quality is nowhere near as good.’

Another shopper noted how the Magicool Instant Cooling Spray works best when sprayed onto the skin before sitting in front of a fan. They wrote: ‘Summer must-have. I can’t live without this in the heat!! During the heatwave, I sat in front of the fan with this spray on me.

‘Great size for handbag and perfect for anyone who suffers from hot flushes.’