This is what 61 looks like

This is what 61 looks like: Personal trainer reveals regular facials, HRT and Botox keeps her youthful

  • Mother-of-two Linda Matthews, 61, from Surrey, works as a personal trainer
  • Grandmother-of-two wears hair extensions to add volume, body and length 
  • She has Botox every six months to maintain her ageless appearance 

Linda Matthews lives in Surrey. She is single and has two children and two grandchildren. She works as a personal trainer


After a career in the police, I became a personal trainer last year, specialising in the over-50s. It’s so empowering to help other women get fit and feel happier. Plus, exercise is great for the menopause. I do four weights sessions in the gym every week and prefer swimming to running, as it has less impact on your joints. I also avoid dieting, as it just makes you think about food.


A few years ago, I had hair extensions at my local salon (£500, greatlengths They’re expensive, as they need changing every four months, but they make a big difference. I have fine hair, so they add body, volume and length, which helps frame my face and has boosted my confidence.

Linda Matthews (pictured), 61, from Surrey, revealed how a combination of regular facials and Botox helps to maintain her ageless appearance 


Every six months, I have Botox to smoothe my frown lines and crow’s feet (£395, I started a few years ago and can still see a noticeable difference in my wrinkles when I look in the mirror. It’s not about being vain, but rather feeling good about myself. I also prefer ‘tweakments’ to cosmetic surgery, as they look more natural.


During my mid-40s, I started going through the perimenopause: I didn’t get hot flushes, but I was so emotional and tearful all the time. So the doctor put me on HRT and I haven’t had any of these symptoms since. Two years ago, she took me off it for a few months and I became so down and depressed. I don’t want to feel like that again.


it’s important to have regular facials if you want good skin. I’ve been going to the same beauty salon in Croydon since my 20s ( I used to have bad pigmentation, blemishes and eczema, but the owner sorted it all out. I’ve changed treatments as my skin has aged. I used to have acid peels, but now I prefer the IPL facial (£90): it uses a laser to boost collagen and reduce wrinkles. 

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