This Tower air fryer has over 10,000 five-star reviews and it’s on sale for under £47

Enjoy deep-fried foods with less fat: Amazon’s bestselling Tower air fryer with over 10,000 perfect is now on sale for under £47

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Whether you’re looking to make healthier changes to your diet or want to spend less time in the kitchen slaving away over your dinner, thousands of shoppers have found plenty to love about the Tower T17021 Family Size Air Fryer.

If January’s cold, bleak weather has you craving comfort food, then this air fryer is a quick and easy way to enjoy them without the added oil. And fast, cooking up your favourite dinners up to 30 per cent faster. 

Currently on sale for just £46.78 (was £69.99), the 4.3-litre air fryer has over 10,000 five-star reviews from impressed shoppers who have called it a ‘gamechanger’, ‘amazing for daily use!’ and ‘far more economical to run than conventional cooker oven’.

You can save 33 per cent on the Tower Family Size Air Fryer on Amazon, which has racked up over 10,000 five-star reviews

Investing in an air fryer is a great way to find inspiration in the kitchen and try new and innovative recipes. 

Rather than submerging food into hot oil to get that irresistible crisp outer layer, an air fryer circulates hot air around the food, creating a crisp and crunchy finish with a moist interior. 

In fact, the popular Tower T17021 Family Size Air Fryer cooks your favourite foods with up to 99 per cent less oil. With ‘amazing’ results with just one spoon of oil, you can get the same flavour just without the fat.  

Thanks to the special vortex technology, the Tower air fryer gives you a crispier finish that your oven can’t compete with. 

Better still, it has your food ready in less time. With no heat up time, the air fryer is a fast and convenient alternative to conventional family cooking. The brand claims it cooks food 30 per cent faster, even letting you make delicious golden chips in just 15 minutes.

Thanks to the speed and convenience of the air fryer, many shoppers claim it’s the ‘perfect little unit’, even replacing the oven completely. One impressed user called it ‘as good as any oven’ while another called it ‘magic’ and ‘quicker than your cooker’.

It rivals the classic oven on versatility, too, as this air fryer oven lets you fry, grill, bake and roast so you can cook anything from vegetables, chicken, chips and cakes in the same unit to golden perfection. 

The Tower Manual Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation and 60 Min Timer reduces fat content by up to 99 per cent

The Tower Manual Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation and 60 Min Timer reduces fat content by up to 99 per cent 

One delighted shopper left a glowing review for the Tower air fryer, writing: ‘It’s been fantastic. Cooks food superbly. As an example, chips are far crispier cooked in this and obviously healthier. 

‘I like the fact that this model has simple manual control knobs, which make it foolproof to use. It becomes even easier with a few uses as you get a better feel for cooking times.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Excellent product. Cooks frozen food in minutes; oven chips are lovely and crispy and cooked evenly. We use it for reheating and toasting. It is easy to clean and my teenagers use it when they want a snack. Absolutely brilliant!’.

A third penned: ‘Should have bought this a long time ago. No more dirty grills to clean. Fast. Keeps moisture in food. Hot. Can cook most things in it. Bacon. Pizza. Chips. Steaks. Stress-free cooking.’